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You Are Loved

17 Nov

You Are Loved

When someone tries to make you feel
As though you do not matter
When someone criticizes what you do
Instead of flatter

When someone tells you to give up
And that you won’t succeed
When someone tries to make your faith
Within yourself recede

When someone who could help chooses
To not show empathy
When someone who could ease your pain
Instead hurts more with glee

When many band together and show
No thought or concern
When all those souls who could have helped
Do nothing except spurn

Remember you are loved by those
Who aren’t made of cold stone
Remember you are loved and that
You are never alone

You are loved by family
Who share your blood and bone
You are loved by friends who care
By picking up the phone

You are loved by survivors
Who know life isn’t fair
You are loved by warriors
Who boldly, bravely dare

You are loved by me because
I know the pain you feel
And since you are a warrior
You’ll endure it with zeal

And most importantly remember
You are loved by YOU
For all the strength and poise and grace
And courage you imbue



The Acuity War

12 Jun

The Acuity War

Make no mistake, there is a war
That rages every day
But one side is oblivious
That they fire away

The two combatants of this war
Are those who see real close
Those with high acuity
Who think deeper, engross

And those who miss the point
Who want things easy, lazy, fast
Who gloss over with no focus
Their obtuseness is vast

They lob their missiles by not caring
Not remembering
With shrugs and “Whatevers” they toss
Their grenades and bombs fling

The numbers are mismatched, the side
That thinks a little deeper
Is outnumbered and has a
Hill that’s quite a bit steeper

While all those who don’t give a shit
Swarm like an endless storm
Their lack of effort has become
The sad, pathetic norm

I give words of encouragement
To those on the small side
For those who have acuity
Don’t you dare run and hide

Don’t give in to laziness
To their lack of detail
Do not lower your standards
Don’t let them make you fail

Work your ass off, open fire
With passion, excellence
You’ll know it’s working when you start
To see them getting tense

The people who do not try hard
Don’t want you to succeed
Their lazy ways will only serve
To disrupt and impede

Wage the war and rest assured
That though we number few
A Warrior will always earn
Exactly what they’re due

And though the apathetic side
Has numbers, it can’t win
Because it chooses to not go
Deeper than just the skin

The Warriors look closer to
Reveal their passion’s source:
The spirit buried deep within
Which keeps their war on course


Chill Pill

9 Jun

Chill Pill

The dopey eyed and lazy sloth
Says “Take a chill pill, pal!”
He sees the Warrior’s passion
And wants to kill morale

“Chill pill?” the Warrior does ask
“To mellow out? Not care?”
The Warrior does ask the sloth
With his intense, cold stare

“Yeah man,” the sloth does respond
“Just chill, it doesn’t matter”
The Warrior holds his hand up
He’s heard enough sloth chatter

“Doesn’t matter?” Warrior grins
“That is where you are wrong
He says loud, stern and strong

“What you are’s a cancer on
All people of the world”
The Warrior accuses as
Admonishment is hurled

“Your apathy does suck the life
Of all those passionate
You try to turn them into people
Who don’t give a shit”

The Warrior steps forward and
Now he stands nose to nose
The sloth’s heart starts to race, the Warrior’s
Heart only slows

He takes a slow, deep breath and says
With calm, unnerved boldness:
“Take your chill pill, choke on it
You apathetic mess”

NEVER let someone tell you
That you need to chill out
If it concerns anything that
You’re passionate about

Tell them to just choke on it
I swear they won’t be missed
One less sloth’s lack of passion
To make Warriors pissed