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Angel In My Bed

7 Jul

Angel in my Bed

Some days I battle through much hell
But each morning’s the same
I wake up, turn and see an angel
Who helps me reclaim

Some strength, some grace, some belief that
There’s beauty still on Earth
Her peaceful slumber always gives me
Some much needed mirth

I see her still serenity
And feel a wave of peace
I’m grateful to have one person
Who makes my calm increase

She’s like a peaceful lake or a
Perfect golden sunset
In her presence I feel no stress
No worry, doubt or fret

It makes me take a moment to
Appreciate the grace
That still exists in this cynical
Negative, snide place

And it inspires me to show
The same grace on my quest
When I go outside and am put
To the world’s rigid test

An angel in my bed each morning
Always helps remind
That beauty sleeps beside me before
I’m off to the grind


Madness vs Wisdom

15 Dec

Madness vs Wisdom

At the dawn of time, two forces
Came into existence
One was Wisdom, made of peace
And Madness, from resistance

The force of Wisdom saw things as
The way they really were
Madness, on the other hand
Saw what it did prefer

And when it turned out things were not
Precisely as it wanted
Madness lost control and felt
Frustrated, angry, haunted

It couldn’t let it go because
It thought that it knew best
Wisdom on the other hand
Did never feel as stressed

It took its peace of mind in knowing
That things cannot be
Exactly as the vision in
Your mind that you may see

Instead it opened itself up
To different paths and ways
Seeing obstacles as more
Than annoying delays

Wisdom recognized that those
Are opportunities
To learn, to train, to grow, not just
Struggles meant to displease

Eventually there came a day
When Wisdom and Madness
Crossed each other’s paths and blocked
Each other’s own progress

Madness used it’s anger and
It’s hateful, spiteful talk
It circled and it attacked and
It pushed and pulled and stalked

Wisdom fought with all its strength
But not by the same means
Instead it relied on its training
And all its routines

It let Madness do all it did
And did not expect more
It stood firm with its peace of mind
And waged a peaceful war

And what Madness soon learned was that
It could not maintain hate
For an indefinite time
It was far too much weight

It grew tired and silent in
The face of Wisdom’s peace
The hateful words and violent acts
Eventually did cease

And as Madness sat and recouped
Wisdom simply walked on
Walking into horizon
Until all trace was gone

It didn’t gloat of victory
It let it go instead
Just as it did with the acts
That had intended dread

Madness would recover and
Many foes would it thwart
But against one enemy
It always came up short

Madness vs Wisdom was
Always the same outcome
Because Wisdom was not entrenched
It never could succumb

It flowed and bent and let go of
Whatever came its way
And when the two collide, it’s still
The same result today


A Boy’s Wish

18 Jun

A Boy’s Wish

Many years ago
A little boy knelt down
And made a special wish to the Lord

“Do you think I could find
A special someone to love
Where all of my heart could be poured?”

The boy listened quietly
But no answer came
No voices boomed from above

So being impatient
He went out to find
The place to show all of his love

He searched high and low
For the place in his wish
But never could find the right way

He searched in the darkness
He searched in the light
But it never appeared, night or day

So years passed by
And the impatient boy
Grew into a tired young man

Once again he dropped down
Once again he looked skyward
Once again the Lord’s silence rang

But just when it seems
That all hope is lost
That’s when the Lord comes through

Because the very next day
The boy, now a man
Saw his life’s wish come true

She smiled at him
Her beautiful eyes
Were what made him finally rejoice

Because deep in those eyes
Was all the world’s love
And in them, he heard the Lord’s voice

“Sometimes” God said
“We have to be patient
To find what we’re searching for”

“Your heart has been grounded
For too long, my child
Now let your caged heart soar.”

Many years later
He would look down and smile
As he caressed her, he could hear her soft sigh

In his arms was his angel
And though he could no longer walk
His heart still flew just as high

                               for Luana,
                                                        on our 1 year anniversary
                                    April 4th, 2002