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7 Oct


Grey hairs are a fact of life, there’s no reason to fret
With each new strand that has no hue I never get upset
I don’t see them as representing that I’m getting older
Instead they are a testament that I am growing bolder
Just as weathering will score a proven tank in battle
The silver strands that grace my temples show that I won’t rattle
Ashen stubble on my chin is no concern of mine
It just means that when trouble comes I bear instead of whine
Greys are badges from the years of having persevered
With every strand of pigment lost, there’s one less thing I’ve feared
Why would someone go and use some dye to hide the fact
That they’ve survived and proceed to withstand the world’s impact?
Salt and pepper is a way of telling everyone
That the battle’s half way through and so far you have won
The amount of greys that you have on your head directly shows
That when the going got real tough, your Warrior arose
For grey’s the color of a fighter, one who won’t back down
The prize for bearing through it all: a granite tinted crown
I’m thankful that as years go by my dark mane changes tone
That both my hairdo and resolve together tint to stone
So next time you see greys peak out from within your fine locks
Don’t fret over losing youth, embrace your silver fox
It’s the color of experience, clarity and poise
Leave the red and blonde and brown for little girls and boys



Birthday Warrior

5 Nov

Happy Birthday to me! Nothing but gratitude for growing one year older and bolder.

Birthday Warrior

A birthday’s just another day
That makes me stand apart
From other normals who fear that
They’ll become an old fart

I do not hide my age when asked
I don’t say, “Nevermind!”
I’m proud of every year I’ve lived
Even the ones unkind

I’m proud of every silver strand
That grows into my mane
I’m proud of vascularity
Each big, protruding vein

I’m proud of every grey whisker
That grows into my beard
Every wrinkle, ache and pain
And other thing that’s feared

By those who wish time would stand still
The passing of the hour glass
Does not make this man cry

For time is precious, every year
That’s passed has been a gift
And I appreciate it more
Now that it goes by swift

Load the cake with candles
The inferno won’t scare me
To dread a birthday makes one an
Ingrate to high degree

Joke about, “You’re getting old!”
I’ll joke back, “I’ve endured!
And will continue to do so
My passion can’t be cured!”

They’ll warn, “Oh wait ‘till you slow down
Oh wait ‘till you’re like me!”
“NEVER!” I’ll quickly reply
“A WARRIOR is me!”

Never bowing to defeat
Never giving an inch
With every candle on the cake
I will not cringe or flinch

“Bring it on!” the warrior says
All things which pose a threat
“Bring it on because you have
Not seen anything yet!”


13 Apr


Based on a true story…


A man called me to ask for help
The other day at work
He asked, “You like this crappy weather?”
Surely with a smirk

“Yes,” I said with no emotion
“I enjoy rough things
With struggle and with discomfort
And with whatever stings

And pains and tears and hurts us, we
Are brought more strength and grace”
He asked if I was kidding but
He could not sense a trace

Of sarcasm or humor in
My voice so then he said,
“How old are you?” and I replied
“36 years I’ve tread”

He laughed and dismissed,
“Oh that’s why, you’re still just a young pup”
And so to show him age means nothing
I then caught him up

“I’ve been hurt bad and am in pain
I’ve lost job and my house
And worst of all, I had to watch
My loving, graceful spouse

Endure the worst pain there could be
When we found out our child
Would never take its first breath,
Yes, I’m young but I’ve complied

More pain and struggle, misery
And loss in my short years
Than many grey-haired people have
In their longer careers”

He sadly said “I’m sorry” but
I replied “I am not
It’s all these things that I’ve endured
That strengthened, sharpened, taught

Imbued with patience, wisdom, grace
And showed me the true way
That is why it is no lie
Whenever I do say

That I enjoy the challenge, struggle
Discomfort and rigor
It’s all these things that awaken
That inspire, that trigger

The Warrior that was dormant
To pound chest and to roar
To rise to the occasion and
To take a little more”

All that he could say was that
He liked my attitude
I asked him what he thought of all
The snow that chilled his mood

He changed his mind and said that it
Was not so bad in fact
“No,” I said, “There are worse things
That cause greater impact”

Before he left, I asked him just
How old he was as well
“54” he said, then I
Inquired, “How much hell?”

“Not as much as you,” he said
So I replied, “Well then
If you are lucky, struggle will
Appear and bring you Zen

And only then will you see that
The years don’t mean a thing
Rather, it’s what you survive
The hurt, the pain, the sting”


Birthday Warrior

4 Nov

Birthday Warrior

I do not dread the knowledge that
Another year has passed
Those who wish to not get older
And act so aghast

When their age goes up a year
Make both my eyebrows raise
They don’t seem to be grateful for
Three hundred sixty-five days

They groan and moan about how they
Are losing all their youth
They just lament because they’re getting
“Too long in the tooth”

And let the wrinkles, grey and aches
Blind them from the real gift
A present that each year gives this
Warrior quite a lift:

I’m older, I have just survived
Another year on Earth
I’ve met more challenges and I’ve
Increased my strength and worth

People tried to steal my joy
But I turned back their raid
I walked headlong into danger
While others were afraid

Confronted selfish, ugly people
That most did avoid
Watched plans all go straight to shit
Without getting annoyed

Looking back on the past year
I have no swell of pride
Because that is a trait that Warriors
Do not abide

I simply am content that I
Served my duty in life
I served some strangers
Enemies, my family and wife

And will do so this coming year
The candles on the cake
Should not be mourned, they’re simply a
Reminder you’re awake

You’re still alive, you’re still breathing
Your mission still goes on
Blow them out and continue
To show your grace and brawn


A Warrior’s Open Letter To Death

25 May

“Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.” ~The Grey

A Warrior’s Open Letter To Death

Dear Grim Reaper, I’d like to warn
That I won’t run like most
I will not flee, I will not hide
This is not a proud boast

It’s not a threat or challenge
Just a promise what’s to come
When we are face to face, this Warrior
Will not succumb

To fear, to doubt or regret ‘cause
For years I have now walked
The path that so many have only
Dreamed and wished and talked

I know you wait until some are
Breaking down and quite old
Know regardless of my grey
I’ll always be this bold

Come for me while I’m still strong
In muscle and in mind
Come for me before my ears
Go deaf and eyes go blind

And though the outcome’s definite
I only have one goal
When I do battle with you, it’s
To exact a great toll

I do not doubt your victory
But I assure one truth
If you come for me while I am
Still in my years of youth

When you are finished, you will have
To stop and take a breath
You’ll know it was a Warrior
That has just battled Death

See you somewhere down the road
On that cold, lonely night
I’m not afraid for I know it
Will be my last good fight



24 Feb

“If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.” ~Clint Eastwood


As I surf through the sea of web
And read the writes of others
A common theme that appears in
The writes of sisters, brothers

Is angst because they struggle with
A big uncertainty
They write how they want wisdom and
They wish for clarity

They want some reassurance that
It all will be okay
That they are not just wasting time
For all the things they pray

They want that peace of mind that they
See so few do possess
I’ve got the secret but it may
A few of you depress

I don’t have words of wisdom that will
Fill you with warm light
I cannot guarantee that everything
Will be alright

In fact, I’ll say the opposite
You’re in for a tough ride
Loss and suffering and death
And no safe place to hide

At times there will not be someone
Who’s there to console you
That God you worship will sometimes
Feel absent when you’re blue

Others will deceive and hurt
And put themselves ahead
Of you and everyone else and
Leave all of you for dead

And if you survive long enough
Your body falls apart
Think you have it bad right now?
Wait ‘till you’re an old fart

You’ll carry physical pain on
Your shoulders every day
You may even lose your mind as
All of your hair turns gray

You want a guarantee in life
That clarity will come?
That peace and grace will come to you
And help you not succumb?

That everything will be alright
And your angst will disperse?
The only guarantee I’ll give
Is that it just gets worse

Because that is the nature of
The weakness that plagues you
The lack of courage, strength and faith
That’s given you this view

You want a guarantee, just listen
To the words of Clint:
“Buy a toaster,” Eastwood said
With his cold, steely squint

Because he is a warrior
And fully understands
No one owes you anything
It all lies in your hands

You can’t control what happens but
You can control reaction
It’s your choice if you focus or
If you just choose distraction

Pain and misery and angst
Uncertainty and stress
All they do is distract from
The strength that you possess

So for a moment, clear your mind
And let go those afflictions
And focus on the positives
Your resolve and convictions

And maybe then you will get that
Guarantee you desire
That within you already is
Everything you require


Dear Miro (age 15)

20 Dec

Dear Miro (age 15)

Hi there, Miro, how are you?
It’s me in twenty years
I thought I’d take a moment to
Send you my thoughts and cheers

Never fret, I’m not here to
Attempt to set you straight
I know at your young age how much
Advice does irritate

I wanted just to let you know
You will end up okay
There is no need to worry ‘cause
You will endure the fray

Every single challenge that
You will be forced to face
Will be survived and each time it
Will help build up your grace

I will not try to convince you
That problems should be met
With vigor and with gratitude
Instead of angst and fret

In time you will see for yourself
As you see your strength build
You’ll come to recognize those tests
As ways to feel fulfilled

Maintain your courage and your faith
And don’t forget respect
Pay no mind to what they say
And keep your ego checked

Never let the selfishness
And cruelty of one
Cause you to condemn the rest
And a new person shun

Keep in mind your enemies
Are just cowardly friends
Who have not yet found their courage
To go against the trends

Continue to say “I love you”
To all your family
You know that even though sometimes
You may not all agree

The ones who share your blood will always
Be there by your side
Your gratitude and love for them
Is something you can’t hide

And do not fret when you get hurt
By those who break your heart
You know full well that good things don’t
Have the easiest start

And if I may offer just one
Tiny bit of advice:
When you meet a tall brunette
Who’s beautiful and nice

Put a ring on her finger
The next chance that you get
It is without a doubt the smartest
Thing that you’ve done yet

Good luck, young warrior

                                          ~Miro (35)