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Non-Warrior Poetry: Unfriendly

31 Aug

*Here’s a new concept I’ve been playing around with: Non-Warrior Poetry. Spoken from the point of view of people I consider selfish & fearful, based on my Empathic study of such people, as well as self-study from past experience before discovering the Way of the Warrior Poet. This first poem is written from the point of view of every unfriendly person who didn’t feel they needed to give you the time of day because they already had enough people that they considered “friend,” how that perception changes over time, and how ultimately unfulfilling that friendship can be with someone who is initially so unfriendly.

“Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.“ ~Rod McKuen, Looking for a Friend

Non-Warrior Poetry: Unfriendly

Sorry, I’m not interested in making a new friend
I’ve got all that I need right now and don’t want to expend
The time or effort that it takes to meet somebody new
I think I’ll just stick with my old, familiar, same crew

I just don’t feel like listening, conversing and sharing
There’s only a few times a year that I can be that caring
Sorry, stranger, all booked up, be on your merry way
I’m not the least bit interested in what you have to say

You never know,  you may be one of those psychotic freaks
That’s always the vibe that I get from anyone that seeks
To speak to random strangers who I’ve never met before
Like I said, I have some friends and don’t need anymore

Maybe if we bump into each other on the street
A few more times and randomly with no pressure do meet
I will feel comfortable enough to say “Hey, I know you
You’re the one who used to be completely strange and new

But now because some time has passed, even though nothing has changed
Somehow I feel you might not be psychotic or deranged
So we should hang, yes let me know, we’ll make some plans real soon”
But really, that’s just something that I do politely croon

Out of sight and mind is how I am with all my friends
I guess that our relationship can now join those same trends
Seeya later, former stranger, now old acquaintance
Looking forward to having our new friendship commence

Out of Touch

17 Mar

“A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often – just to save it from drying out completely.” ~Pam Brown

Out of Touch

I’ve always made an effort to
Keep in touch with my friends
But recently I did something
Which caused a massive cleanse

I do not have a message in
This poem that you’re reading
Rather just some facts I will
Describe and will be feeding

It’s up to you to decide on
The point of this here write
Now without further adieu
Let’s shed a little light

For all my life I had been one
To call, to write, to pop
But two years past I decided
For the most part, to stop

No longer would I hound people
To hang out and connect
I would do the bare minimum
And observe the effect

What I found was two years passed
And I no longer saw
Friends I’d had since the first grade
All of them did withdraw

I had plenty of friends within
The movie industry
For three years I helped run a fest
And put names on marquee

But when the festival was done
And I did not reach out
Most of them did not touch base
Contact, interact, shout

Just a few did drop a line
But more favors were asked
Politely I declined to be
Of one more favor tasked

My personal page on Facebook
Had grown three thousand strong
I posted, liked and chatted with
So many to prolong

The sense of being connected
But when my efforts stopped
Almost all activity
On my profile dropped

I started clearing out “friend list”
Of people who did not
Ever take the time to write
To chat or share a thought

It dwindled down from three thousand
To one hundred and fifty
Only people who remained
Where those I found quite nifty

People who inspired me
Who had passion and grace
People who made efforts and
I did not need to chase

Of the nearly three thousand
That I had just “unfriended”
Only two did notice that
Our connection had ended

These days I am quite content
To know which friends are true
And which were merely passing ships
That I have bid “adeiu”

Would the same be said for you
If you are one who tries
To keep connected to a crowd
Of many girls and guys?

What would happen if you just
Decided not to call
Which are fleeting friends and which
Are in for the long haul?