What’s Fair

29 Jul

What’s Fair

I see so many boast and brag how they will conquer all
They warn “I’ll end you, buttercup!” in their forced macho drawl
They try to make their enemies feel fear as they inflict
Threats and anger, sometimes pain with each intense conflict

And all of it seems quite unfair, to claim to have no fear
Yet say and do things with intent to draw a frightened tear
To act as if a foe’s opinion does not hold much weight
Yet act as if their own views matter while they spew their hate

It doesn’t seem so fair to me to engage in combat
And hope the other party lacks all of the virtues that
Make you tough and strong and fierce, seems quite selfish to me
A level playing field in any conflict should be key

The moment fear appears upon the face of your rival
If you feel none, it’s your duty to reassure survival
If they appear to lack the bass within your booming voice
Then lowering your harsh volume is the only fair choice

If they lack the experience to weather all your stings
Then empathy should pull back all the force on your hard swings
But that is not the way of most, “All’s fair in love and war”
All pensive thought, discernment, judgement is thrown out the door

Just KILL! DESTROY! OBLITERATE all that stands in your way!
“Kill ‘em all and God can sort ‘em out!” the proud apes say
And that is why I say to you it’s time you upped your training
‘Cause I am 1 in 100 and my tribe’s quickly waning

It’s very rare you’ll come across a Warrior of peace
Who’ll see your plight and show mercy and their barrage will cease
Most have no sense of fairness and want to conquer you
So beat them to the punch and conquer yourself with review

Identify your fears and pains, confront them and embrace
As you gain power over them your voice will grow in bass
Accuse yourself of all the worst, accept and overcome
Then what they say has no effect, a Warrior you’ve become

Aware and in control and not at mercy of all those
Who have no sense of fairness when they do battle with foes
Life’s not fair so I suggest you brace yourself and train
Otherwise the unfair will just leave you crushed and slain



Strange Animals

19 Jul

Strange Animals

Strange Animals

I’ve come from a place far away
And travelled many a long day
To study all the animals of Earth

Through time and space I’ve come to say
These creatures seem to be cliche
Exterior is where they place most worth

Don’t get me wrong, the fuzzy ones
They slaughter and place into buns
Are gentle creatures who live simple lives

The ones to watch are those with guns
And knives and tasers which give stuns
It’s on death and destruction this beast thrives

The bipeds who all walk upright
Who lie and cheat and take delight
In holding power over those around

These animals are a strange sight
Many do act so polite
But empathy in countless can’t be found

The women paint themselves to fool
The males and try to make them drool
While men somehow attract with brutishness

They act aloof, detached and cool
Sometimes they’re even hurtful, cruel
Yet somehow with sports cars and pecs impress

I’ve never met a race so blind
Yet all of their thoughts are confined
To what their pupils see, not what they feel

They have five senses, you will find
But four of them have been declined
And only what they SEE to them is real

Fancy clothes and high heel shoes
Washboard abs seem to amuse
Being six feet tall for men is key

Bonding happens over booze
Shallow small talk, banter, schmooze
Love seems to occur when two agree

Many of them seem to praise
A guy called “Christ” whose final days
Were spent in pain without causing a scene

Yet when they encounter malaise
They lack the grace that “Christ” portrays
And say it’s ‘cause he lacked the human gene

I think I must get out of here
These beasts are not as they appear
I’ve never seen such deception before

Bravado spewed from those in fear
Compliments that aren’t sincere
Don’t get me started on their “peace through war”

I think I’ve seen enough by now
They just slaughtered another cow
And pretend that the meat was not alive

Start the engines, lift the bow
And please never, never allow
Another of us to visit this hive

Stamp the Earth as “Quarantine”
And from my first hand findings glean
That is the most strangest world of all

Let’s check back in, say…fifteen
Millennia and in between
Perhaps they’ll learn to love instead of maul


No Apologies

18 Jul

An oldie but a goodie. 🙂

“It is a good rule in life never to apologize.  The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them.”  ~P.G. Wodehouse, The Man Upstairs

No Apologies

Sorry is a word that we
Should try our best to lose
It’s a concept Warriors
Should rarely ever use

We say it with no thought of how
The word’s truly defined
So let me take a moment to
Look it up and remind:

Regrettable, deplorable
Sorrowful, grieved or sad
Wretched, poor and pitiful
Without use to be had

Warriors are never sorry
For a single thing
They understand the consequences
Of the words they fling

They put thought into what they say
And also what they do
And when some feelings get hurt they
Still hold fast and stay true

To what they do believe in
Even if feathers are ruffled
They don’t make up excuses and
Let their voices be muffled

The goal is to be confident
In all you do and say
All “I’m sorry” serves to do
Is shows that you will stray

“I’m sorry” is a “too late” phrase
It doesn’t change the past
Resolve to make the next time that
You say it be your last

Resolve to not do anything
That you will soon regret
Do nothing deplorable
That will leave you in debt

Save yourself from the sorrow
From being sad and grieved
If you said or did something
It’s because you believed

Be not wretched, pitiful
You’re much better than that
Differing opinions don’t
Have to end in combat

Agree to disagree and let
Each side have their own views
Never let another’s ego
Make you sing the blues

By saying that you’re sorry and
Indulging “sensitives”
Tip-toeing on eggshells is
Not how a Warrior lives

Replace “sorry” with “deal with it”
Or a similar phrase
Like “get over yourself” and watch
All of the eyebrows raise

Because it’s in that moment where
The ego shows its face
Showing no regret is how
We put it in its place