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Bring A Lunch

29 Nov

Bring A Lunch

A Warrior does not respond with “Please stop doing that”
They do not lay down, they do not roll over and lay flat
A Warrior does not give up and does not simply quit
A Warrior holds their head high, chest out and teeth then grit
A Warrior says, “Bring a lunch!” to those who poke and tease
Because they know too well that it’s impossible to please
There’s no explaining, reasoning, no words that will suffice
And so the Warrior demands a very heavy price
“Bring a lunch” means that for those who wish to disrespect
With lack of empathy will now have their big ego checked
“Bring a lunch” means that others can spew all their mistrust
But it will cost them dearly, their own ass they’ll have to bust
“Bring a lunch” means that all those who like to hurl their hate
Better bring something along that will help satiate
Because a Warrior will take whatever may be thrown
But it is their great ENDURANCE which makes them never prone
For those who doubt and hate and wish to challenge, be forewarned
Challenging a Warrior might leave you feeling scorned
You will be stretched to your limit of patience, poise and grace
You’ll feel frustrated by that Warrior who does embrace
Discomfort, difficulty, pain and sorrow, fear and doubt
That 1-in-100 is not like others you call out
So bring a lunch if you choose to challenge a Warrior
You’ll be a while and great fatigue and hunger you’ll incur
Bring a lunch and do not be surprised how long it takes
Bring a lunch and do not whine and cry how much it aches
Bring a lunch and start to learn that talk is very cheap
But backing those words up has a price that is very steep



14 Oct


They ask themselves, “How come I feel so sad, so mad, so bad?”
And then they ingest substances and suddenly feel glad
Everything is right again, the world’s a better place
But quickly all that happiness dissolves without a trace
Once again they feel so sad, so mad, so bad once more
And want to know the secret of how they should wage their war
With everything that bothers them, depresses, causes pain
They search and search but always balk at the answer: abstain
The key to handling all the things that life throws in your way
Is simply, “Don’t dilute yourself,” it all leads you astray
The alcohol, the drugs, the smokes, the food, it just dilutes
Who you really are, it drags, it slows and it refutes
Human beings weigh themselves with anchors that they think
Bring them joy but truth is that it simply makes them sink
They question “Why?” and “How?” yet never see the irony
How can you be stronger? Have more grace? Awake and see?
By showing some self-discipline, by not acting so weak
By having patience and great faith and being more unique
By stepping away from the crowd that drinks and smokes and tokes
Recognizing that their way of “dealing” is a hoax
That putting something in your body to make all things right
Actually diminishes all your natural might
They ask the Warriors just what their secret is, but want
Something far less difficult, something more nonchalant
And never recognize the Warrior is pure, condensed
Undiluted, focused and prepared to go against
Any of life’s challenges, the fear, the pain, the death
Undiluted by the booze, the nicotine or meth
“I wish I had your discipline,” the normals often say
“Wishing,” just another form of dilution decay


The Arrow

4 Oct

The Arrow

The origin of the word “sin” means “To have missed the mark”
To have aimed for the bullseye but lodged it in the bark
Whenever arrow strays from goal and travels way off course
It is not target’s fault, but rather fault of arrow’s source
A lack of concentration on the shot we need to make
A failure to notice the wind or the arm’s subtle shake
A moment not taken to breathe, to relax and converge
To block out all distractions and superfluous to purge
If the arrow is to hit its mark, the eyes must stay
Laser-focused on the path and not for moment stray
The same is said for virtue, if we are to be our best
Our focus must not deviate from honorable quest
Only when we turn attention to things off the path
Do we feel the guilt of sin, its rueful, shameful wrath
Take a deep breath in and then slowly let it half out
Release the arrow and be sure of its intended route


Surprise Surprise

3 Oct

Surprise Surprise

A look of shock, surprise or awe, a hanging, open, startled jaw
A pair of eyes that bug out wide, an exclamation that is cried
“Oh my God!” or “Holy shit!” a momentary lapse of wit
None of these reactions are what warriors have when bizarre
Or shocking events do take place, the warrior maintains their grace
A crash, a scream, and others panic, but 1-in-100’s not manic
One will not jump, gasp or snap their head around and loudly yap
The Warrior’s always alert so nothing can their grace divert
No sudden awful, shocking deal will make them lose control and squeal
No accident or tragedy will make them scream like a banshee
A warrior is well aware of how things are and won’t despair
For any horrifying crime ’cause they know it’s not the first time
And it won’t be the last as well, and so they do not choose to dwell
The others jump and gasp and shout but Warriors are always stout
Always ready, always fast to deal with what makes most aghast
Surprises have little effect ’cause they’re what warriors expect


When To Let It Slide

28 Sep

When To Let It Slide

Yes, I often say “Speak up!” and beat upon your chest
Point a finger and make sure selfishness is addressed
But sometimes there is just no point, it is a waste of breath
Some people are just too entrenched and set in ways ‘till death
The question many ask is how they’ll know which one is which
Speaking for myself, it’s when I feel a little itch
I see a little glimmer or I hear a little spark
Something in the person tells me their heart’s not all dark
In contrast, there are people who are rotten through and through
Give them one hundred chances and they’ll disappoint you
They’re too wrapped in seeking ease, comfort, luxury, rest
They are not worth the time or effort that you could invest
In other people who have hope, potential, hidden grace
It will be obvious to you who doesn’t have a trace
I’ve found the ones who are without a hope to be as rare
As Warriors and that’s the only way that they compare
Let it slide and save your strength for battles with a cause
Hopeless people have no wish to improve on their flaws


The Other Cheek

13 Sep


The Other Cheek

by Miro


They get upset because they have

Been jerked around too long

They lose their cool and temper and

Complain about what’s wrong


And others trying to help them

Stand up for them as well

They say “Well, they’ve been through a lot

For them it’s been pure hell!”


And so the cycle of anger

Perpetuates itself

It spreads, gets justified and only

Erodes all our health


Then a Warrior steps up

And says “Enough of this”

“All which makes you so irate?

You will let go! Dismiss!”


The angry legions still hold on

They think they’re hurt so bad

They think they’re justified in being

Frustrated and mad


But Warrior again speaks up

And reminds of a man

Who said to turn the other cheek

Was the most divine plan


This man, this Warrior, this son

Of God said if you’re slapped

You are not justified at all

If your rear-end gets chapped


He said you should not get upset

Instead, you should invite

Another slap and accept it

With grace and peace and light


The good Lord said to turn your cheek

So please explain to me

How getting angry and upset

To an irate degree


Is the allowed response whenever

Something is so bleak?

We cry “No more!” when God’s own son

Said, “Here’s the other cheek”

Charlie Mike

12 Aug




Charlie Mike

Charlie Mike

There will be times in life when you
Feel that you’re overwhelmed
You’ve suffered too much loss and feel
The wheel cannot be helmed

It starts to rain and won’t ease up
It just proceeds to pour
It’s in those times you should recall
The words of our brave Corps

“Charlie Mike” is what troops say
When plans all go to shit
They do not abort their mission
Instead, they deal with it

“Charlie Mike” from the NATO
Phonetic Alphabet
The letters “C” and “M” declare
It isn’t over yet

And it has carried me through
Times of loss and sorrow when
I knew not what to do

When I could not devise a plan
In face of all the strife
“Charlie Mike’s” the one plan that
Helped me go on with life

When your mind is elsewhere and
You’re too focused on grief
“Charlie Mike” will move your legs
And help turn a new leaf

Regardless of your losses
Even if they’re catastrophic
Keep it simple instead of
Being so philosophic

Take note from our warriors
Adorned in camouflage
“Charlie Mike” no matter how
Persistent the barrage