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20 Jun



The punches fly, the normals fall and clutch their injury
They wince with pain and pray to God and beg for sweet mercy
They tremble at the taste of their own blood, it’s so revolting
Their lives are lived in luxury, the pain now feels so jolting

They plead for sympathy because they think hurt is the end
That pleasure was their goal in life, not to survive and mend
They give up quickly and curl up and whimper through the rest
Wondering why they no longer are favoured and blessed

The WARRIOR tastes her own blood, a smile dons her lips
And never waivers as red trickles, oozes, spurts and drips
Skin is torn and bones are fractured, still she never quits
‘Cause pain is not enough to rob her of her grace and wits

The punches are soon joined by kicks and more damage is done
The WARRIOR absorbs it all, she does not turn and run
Because the only condition for failure is her death
“You’ll have to kill me,” she growls underneath her breath

The savagery continues but the WARRIOR withstands
“You’ll have to kill me,” she snarls as each vicious blow lands
“You’ll have to kill me,” she dares those who think they know of rage
“…kill me,” she taunts those who try her spirit to assuage

But none of those who furrow brows, hurl threats and inflict pain
Are willing to go just THAT FAR in order to attain
Control over a WARRIOR, they do not end her life
None of her assailants will bury and twist that knife

Their anger has it’s limits and their line’s drawn ‘fore the grave
The WARRIOR has one foot in the ground, that’s why she’s brave
“Go ahead and push the rest into that 6-foot pit”
She chides those who all act so fierce but not one will commit

They calm and say they don’t want that to weigh upon their soul
“Funny,” the WARRIOR responds, “Even your spirit’s goal
Is ease and comfort, luxury, no weight it wants to bear
That is why you only yell and punch but do not dare

To stop the beating of my heart, too far and too extreme?
Too dark and too sinister, you’d rather shout and scream?”
Imagine if that sick feeling that hurtful people felt
When death was around the corner was even sooner dealt

Imagine if that empathy arose with the first scorn
Imagine if that guilt and shame appeared with first word sworn
Imagine just how much less pain man would inflict on man
Imagine just how much more understanding here would span

That is why the world needs WARRIORS to take the hate
And call bullshit and chastise, scold, admonish and berate
FIGHT, WARRIOR, FIGHT until your heart pumps its last beat
Against those who act angry but see Reaper and retreat


Love Thy Enemy?

30 Dec

Love Thy Enemy?

I’ve seen a couple folks who feel their spirit has been roused
Their inner Warrior’s awakened as my writes were browsed
They warn how all those before them should beware what’s to come
They threaten others because “A Warrior I have become!”
How sad and misguided to have missed the point so badly
Yes, enemies must be fought…but do not do so madly
Yes, a sneer may don your lips and teeth bared with true grit
But deep inside the heart, nothing but pure love should emit
Posturing and performance may be required to
Dissuade the ignorant normals who know not what they do
But deep inside where no one sees, there must be empathy
There must be courage to admit, “I love my enemy”
To say “I understand you even if I don’t condone”
To say “It hurts me to do this, your pain is not alone”
A Warrior is so plugged in, connected, so aware
That though sometimes they inflict pain, to do so causes wear
It is a choice that’s made with great deliberation since
To cause pain to another person causes SELF to wince
Most who have not awakened don’t suffer the effects
Right away, the “guilt” or “conscience” takes some time to flex
But truly what we should call this is “Empathy” my friends
And if you are a human being, there’s no way to cleanse
You are connected to them all, both loved ones and your foes
And you can’t start an argument or have it come to blows
And “win” because your foe incurred more hurt than you sustained
That is why after the rush, eventually you’re drained
‘Cause even the most self-absorbed, egoic person feels
Empathy for all those villains, scoundrels, tricksters, heels
Try your best to hate them, you will fail no matter what
And that’s because you’re here to LOVE, it’s programmed in your gut
So when you feel like talking tough about how they will pay
Be sure to take a moment and mention your own dismay
Perhaps if you would ponder self-destruction, you’d relent
You wouldn’t be so quick to fight a years-long argument
Let it go and wish them well, there’s no battle to “win”
Instead focus all of your strength on the great war within


Vengeance is Mine

29 Dec

“Living well is the best revenge.”
~George Herbert

Vengeance is Mine

There was a time in my life when some people that I loved
Exhibited no empathy and yelled and screamed and shoved
There was a time when co-workers that I liked and admired
Through their selfishness left me without a job and fired
There was a time when family had power over me
To influence and control what they wanted me to be
All these people hurt me deeply and one day I swore
To gain revenge on all of them, the “liar” and the “whore”
The “back-stabber,” the “coward” and the “self-absorbed small brat”
I swore revenge on all of them and tried to do combat
But vengeance can be only gained when enemy’s not there
Revenge is only achieved when your foe is not aware
Only when you turn your back and walk away from those
Who choose themselves instead of you, only when you dispose
Only when you cut them out and severe all your ties
Only when you turn a deaf ear towards all their lies
And focus solely on what you can extract from yourself
Pushing your own limits to fulfill wisdom and health
Only when you sever all connections from outside
No longer allowing others to cajole and chide
No longer allowing others to control your day
And placing greatest importance on your own words you say
Only then can one admit that they are “living well”
Because they don’t obsess, lament, torment themselves and dwell
On gaining vengeance on all those who just aren’t worth the time
Revenge is gained from trying harder, the run, the crawl, the climb
From conquering each challenge with intensity and grace
To not hide from discomfort but to seek it out and chase
Vengeance is now mine and it was found along the Way
That Warriors travel, the path that says “There’s no bad day”
The path that says “There is no hurt, there is no angst, no pain”
“There’s not a single hater who can penetrate my brain”
That, my friends, is living well and vengeance is now mine
And funny thing is even if they never know, that’s fine
All that matters is *I* know and that’s enough for me
And I could not care less if those selfish cowards don’t see


Your People

21 Dec

Your People

Anything of any worth in this life must be earned

Loyalty takes hard work as far as I am concerned

Yet many people pledge allegiance with no thought at all

No effort and no sacrifice, no passion and no gall

They simply look at their skin colour, see it’s white or black

And say others of the same hue are free from their attack

They label other people who were born under same flag

As fellow patriots with which to cheer and boast and brag

And those who are the same religion, that’s their people too

Confederates united AGAINST those who hate what’s “true”

They call them “My people” but never ponder what it took

To form that weak alliance, which is why so many shook

And faltered, crumbled to the ground over a little spat

Easy bonds that took no work can crumble just from chat

The truth is that “Your People” are just egos wrapped in same

Exterior of skin or flag or religion or game

The link is formed through shallow means of what the eyes could see

And when the topics go deeper, all that camaraderie

Quickly crumbles in the face of tempers that do flare

“You’re not the same at all!” they think as they become aware

A small iota of work’s done and quickly those allies

Are now betrayers who deceived with a shallow disguise

If anyone’s to blame for being fooled, I’d say it’s those

Who offered instant loyalty and never did suppose

That someone with the same skin may not hold the same ethics

That honour and integrity’s not something that’s ethnic

That empathy’s not exclusive to one theology

And all “Your People” quickly turn into “Your Enemy”

When time is spent and effort made to find out what’s beneath

The matching shell, familiar husk,  the carbon copy sheath


Alone Together

19 Dec

Alone Together

I’ve some time to kill before my work shift does commence
I head to William’s coffee shop, some java they dispense
I take a seat at a table that does have room for four
I take my laptop out and figure, “Time to write of war”
I look around for inspiration and see several souls
All sitting at tables for four with coffee and soup bowls
With laptops of their own or talking or texting on phone
Or simply staring out the window, in some other zone
A cop sits all alone beside me nursing his large drink
I’d love to sit and ask him, “So officer, what do you think?”
Another man peeks worriedly over his laptop screen
His eyes meet mine for a moment and I can’t help but glean
A look of worry, fear, concern, he feels threatened by me
“Who are you to pay attention? Be gone! Let me be!”
A lady reads her laptop with great worry on her brow
I can’t ask her if she’s alright, convention won’t allow
Not one of these lonely souls would welcome someone sitting
In one of their 3 empty seats, that is not at all fitting
“Mind your own damn business,  keep your distance, stay away”
“Are you insane? I don’t know you! Please leave without delay!”
Lonely people everywhere who wonder why they feel
So alone, yet are so blind to all their spikes of steel
To their barbed wire and stone walls erected in defense
Lonely people who hate people…that make any sense?


Bring A Lunch

29 Nov

Bring A Lunch

A Warrior does not respond with “Please stop doing that”
They do not lay down, they do not roll over and lay flat
A Warrior does not give up and does not simply quit
A Warrior holds their head high, chest out and teeth then grit
A Warrior says, “Bring a lunch!” to those who poke and tease
Because they know too well that it’s impossible to please
There’s no explaining, reasoning, no words that will suffice
And so the Warrior demands a very heavy price
“Bring a lunch” means that for those who wish to disrespect
With lack of empathy will now have their big ego checked
“Bring a lunch” means that others can spew all their mistrust
But it will cost them dearly, their own ass they’ll have to bust
“Bring a lunch” means that all those who like to hurl their hate
Better bring something along that will help satiate
Because a Warrior will take whatever may be thrown
But it is their great ENDURANCE which makes them never prone
For those who doubt and hate and wish to challenge, be forewarned
Challenging a Warrior might leave you feeling scorned
You will be stretched to your limit of patience, poise and grace
You’ll feel frustrated by that Warrior who does embrace
Discomfort, difficulty, pain and sorrow, fear and doubt
That 1-in-100 is not like others you call out
So bring a lunch if you choose to challenge a Warrior
You’ll be a while and great fatigue and hunger you’ll incur
Bring a lunch and do not be surprised how long it takes
Bring a lunch and do not whine and cry how much it aches
Bring a lunch and start to learn that talk is very cheap
But backing those words up has a price that is very steep


Loving Sinners

6 Nov

Loving Sinners

Every time I speak of gays, some sheep recites this tripe:
“Love the sinner, hate the sin!” I guess I “love” this type
Of person who is so close-minded to call love a sin
Simply because both participants have hair on chin
Or simply because both have boobs, this old line now bores me
No, it’s not sin to approve homosexuality
But these same people who “love sinners” always do forget
It is a sin to be angry, to worry and to fret
It is a sin to be fearful, to have no faith or hope
It is a sin to be weak and to not show strength and cope
It is a sin to not have empathy for those unlike
Yourself, a sin that’s just as grave as those of the Third Reich
All these people who “love sinners,” well I love them too
Despite their cowardice, their apathy and hate they spew
I love each moron, imbecile, each idiot, each coward
Despite their sins of ignorance which they freely devoured
I love them even though they never questioned why they’re taught
To hate, to disapprove, condemn without the slightest thought
Without searching within their heart and soul for what’s the truth
I love each one of these “sinners” who think it is uncouth
To be so close to someone else that it feels like two hearts
Beat as one but it’s a “sin” if they share private parts
So for all those who “love gay sinners,” well I love you more
Despite your fear and ignorance and how you do ignore
Your innate trait of empathy which shows you what is true
I love you despite all your sins, although I don’t LIKE you 🙂