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Your People

21 Dec

Your People

Anything of any worth in this life must be earned

Loyalty takes hard work as far as I am concerned

Yet many people pledge allegiance with no thought at all

No effort and no sacrifice, no passion and no gall

They simply look at their skin colour, see it’s white or black

And say others of the same hue are free from their attack

They label other people who were born under same flag

As fellow patriots with which to cheer and boast and brag

And those who are the same religion, that’s their people too

Confederates united AGAINST those who hate what’s “true”

They call them “My people” but never ponder what it took

To form that weak alliance, which is why so many shook

And faltered, crumbled to the ground over a little spat

Easy bonds that took no work can crumble just from chat

The truth is that “Your People” are just egos wrapped in same

Exterior of skin or flag or religion or game

The link is formed through shallow means of what the eyes could see

And when the topics go deeper, all that camaraderie

Quickly crumbles in the face of tempers that do flare

“You’re not the same at all!” they think as they become aware

A small iota of work’s done and quickly those allies

Are now betrayers who deceived with a shallow disguise

If anyone’s to blame for being fooled, I’d say it’s those

Who offered instant loyalty and never did suppose

That someone with the same skin may not hold the same ethics

That honour and integrity’s not something that’s ethnic

That empathy’s not exclusive to one theology

And all “Your People” quickly turn into “Your Enemy”

When time is spent and effort made to find out what’s beneath

The matching shell, familiar husk,  the carbon copy sheath



Alone Together

19 Dec

Alone Together

I’ve some time to kill before my work shift does commence
I head to William’s coffee shop, some java they dispense
I take a seat at a table that does have room for four
I take my laptop out and figure, “Time to write of war”
I look around for inspiration and see several souls
All sitting at tables for four with coffee and soup bowls
With laptops of their own or talking or texting on phone
Or simply staring out the window, in some other zone
A cop sits all alone beside me nursing his large drink
I’d love to sit and ask him, “So officer, what do you think?”
Another man peeks worriedly over his laptop screen
His eyes meet mine for a moment and I can’t help but glean
A look of worry, fear, concern, he feels threatened by me
“Who are you to pay attention? Be gone! Let me be!”
A lady reads her laptop with great worry on her brow
I can’t ask her if she’s alright, convention won’t allow
Not one of these lonely souls would welcome someone sitting
In one of their 3 empty seats, that is not at all fitting
“Mind your own damn business,  keep your distance, stay away”
“Are you insane? I don’t know you! Please leave without delay!”
Lonely people everywhere who wonder why they feel
So alone, yet are so blind to all their spikes of steel
To their barbed wire and stone walls erected in defense
Lonely people who hate people…that make any sense?



14 Nov


This poem is a tribute to a loving spirit who
Has listened and supported all the “wisdom” that I spew
For years she’s shared her thoughts which have resonated with my own
I feel quite blessed for all the understanding she has shown
She is a candle in the dark and lights without a thought
Of selfishness or agenda, love and grace she has taught
Embodiment of empathy, of truth and understanding
So if you think you’d like your awareness to be expanding
I recommend reading her thoughts at the link down below
I guarantee her way with words has a much warmer glow
Than many of the stark and cold truths this Warrior writes
Sue’s truths have just a little pinch while mine have vicious bites 🙂

Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

Lost Cause

30 Oct

Lost Cause

They say to never give up on those who mean much to you
But it is often black or white thinking that “they” will spew
They say it without pondering, without a real deep thought
Without discernment or judgment, they tell you that you ought
To cling and never let go, never lose hope, always try
That everyone can be redeemed, to never say goodbye
Recognize this as attachment and is ego’s doing
The truth is that there are many friendships not worth pursuing
If you are filled with drive and hope, with passion and you push
Yourself to reach your own potential, not sit on your tush
If you are 1-in-100, then you must now accept
Many of the people that you know aren’t as adept
They’ll say that you think that you’re “better,” and that just reveals
Just how poorly they misunderstand all your ideals
They’ll say “superiority complex” but won’t admit
The sacrifices you have made in order to get fit
The sacrifices of ego you’ve made to open mind
And spirit, sacrifices that most people tend to find
Too uncomfortable, painful, awkward, far too much work
“You think you’re better!” they accuse while calling you a jerk
Don’t waste your breath on these people, for they are a lost cause
Their ego blinds them from your feats and just envisions flaws
It may not sound like an empowering message from me
But there is no hope for the ones who have no empathy
If they can’t walk a mile in your sacrificing shoes
If they cannot recognize the price of all your views
If your payment for all your strength and wisdom doesn’t jive
If they are not inspired by how you conquer and thrive
It’s time to tell the masses, “No, that doesn’t work for me”
Sever strings and cut them loose, of their ego be free
You’re not a savior and cannot place burden on yourself
To single-handedly improve another person’s health
Emotions or mental well-being, that’s a battle they
Must wage themselves just like you have, so here’s a new cliché:
Give up on the scared, the weak, the hopeless, the pathetic
Do so with strength, grace and poise, don’t be apologetic
And do not carry any guilt because if there’s a spark
Inside of them, your adamance might push them to embark
On the same solitary march of self-discovery
Give up on those lost causes…and then just wait and see


No Friends of Mine

21 Dec


No Friends of Mine

“All or nothing” isn’t a
Mentality I use
“Shades of grey” is what I see
Instead of “black/white” views

No one’s perfect, people lie
They get mad and spout off
In instances where tact is needed
Some will laugh or scoff

It doesn’t make them bad people
I try to keep in mind
That there is also good in them
If I venture to find

But one thing I am adamant
About is Jesus Christ
My absolute demand for awe
And respect is high priced

Even for the ones who don’t
Believe He is divine
I still expect them to see how
In darkness He does shine

Even if they are themselves
An “all or nothing” type
That disregards the whole Bible
As made-up lies and tripe

I still expect them to see how
This long-haired, bearded Jew
Showed only grace and patience at
Everything haters threw

To mock a man who challenged all
To show love, courage, grace
Selflessness and empathy
In this cynical place

Shows me how that person does not
Think anything’s revered
They act as spoilers who try
To ruin all that’s cheered

Haters who see others who
Draw inspiration from
A shining light that says, “Let go”
They scoff and crack, “How dumb!”

I love my friends with all my heart
But those who mock my King
Reveal an ugly side to them
At grace, they simply fling

Disrespect and ignorance
While claiming, “He starts wars!”
But here’s a little, simple fact
The accuser ignores:

They’ve never met a single person
Who killed in the name
Of Jesus Christ or the Bible
Yet ALL must take the blame

The grace and courage is ignored
The patience for their hate
The tolerance that’s shown when most
Would rather be irate

To be a Warrior means to
Do things that are quite tough
And so to those who slag Jesus
Sadly I must rebuff

Because they are no friends of mine
They might as well insult
My mother or my wife or niece
It’s all the same result

They’re innocent and did nothing
To draw such scornful wrath
Same as Jesus Christ, so we
Must walk a different path

Goodbye, so long, it’s been a blast
Perhaps we’ll meet again
Hopefully you’ve gained respect
And empathy by then


Stone Walls

5 Oct

“Isolation is a dream killer.” ~Barbara Sher


Stone Walls

She’s been through so much pain
It’s a wonder she’s still sane
Abandoned by all those who should
Have supported and understood
So now she’ll never trust people again

She slaps the mortar down
And builds the stones around
So high that no one can get through
“With me no one will ever screw!”
She shouts defiantly with a stern frown

They come and do their best
The wall is pushed and pressed
But it is solid on outside
Each visitor; quickly denied
With her high stone walls no one can contest

They keep everyone away
The selfish ones at bay
The egotists who would just use
And take advantage and abuse
All people who threaten to wreck her day

She lives inside her fort
No family for support
No friends with whom to share her dreams
These stone walls have a price, it seems
Demons and angels; both alike they thwart

All those who only take
The ones who are so fake
As well as those who only live
To serve, to help, to love, to give
Neither of them can through the stone walls break

And so they all move on
‘Cause no one has the brawn
To dismantle the walls that block
To tear down the defending rock
They all give up and soon they are all gone

She hears nothing out there
No longer do they care
She drove them off because her guard
Did broadcast, barrage and bombard
To all visitors that she will not share

That there is no connection
No kinship, just objection
“Keep out, no visitors welcome!”
And like the stone, she grows so numb
Thanks to her self-made exile of protection

She sits there all alone
Surrounded by her stone
And wonders just how much hurt these
Walls have spared her from to appease
Her selfish wish to no longer be prone

To any kind of threat
To things that make her sweat
And work and strive and grow more strong
To show grace towards what is wrong
She stares at the stone walls now with regret

They haven’t spared at all
They have just kept her small
And terrified of the unknown
Her fear enabled by the stone
Her ego nurtured by the aloof wall

She reaches up to press
A stone and with success
It pushes through and drops to ground
Light pours in and she hears a sound
“Hello,” outside a kind voice does address

She leans down to the gap
And sees a friendly chap
He smiles unassumingly
“Lovely day, don’t you agree?
Or is it hard to tell from your stone trap?”

The Tale of the Bloodless Stone

8 Jun

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

The Tale of the Bloodless Stone

There once was a pair of cold stones
That butted each other all day
Sparks always flew
As they both turned the screw
And had nothing too pleasant to say

One day both stones chose to depart
Their last words were not very nice
Many years passed
And neither stone asked
For peace because of the high price

But something strange started to happen
To one of the stones over years
Instead of departing
When trouble was starting
This stone stood its ground and faced fears

And slowly but surely this stone
Through the magic of courage and grace
Transformed to a man
And in his veins began
Pumping warm blood to his face

And to his arms, legs and whole body
It trickled with the slightest nick
“That’s a hell of a thing!”
They heard this man sing
As he cleaned it away with a lick

Where once he was cold and rock solid
So rigid and uncaring too
Now he was warm
Different from the norm
An amazing change he had gone through

He wondered if his old stone friend
Had maybe gone through the same change
But when they did meet
Old friend was concrete
And it thought that the man was quite strange

The man tried to show how with little
Effort he could make blood trickle
When he beckoned the stone
He received just a groan
The stone, you see, was very fickle

It was still quite rigid and cold
Because warm blood did not flow through
Its veins deep inside
Within was just pride
And soon he knew this to be true:

Just because you do transform
Into something more than a rock
That doesn’t mean all
Have heard the same call
And have figured out how to unlock

The way to get blood from a stone
Through patience, forgiveness and love
Some stones are content
To just sit there and vent
To complain, feel abused and just shove


from Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. VI: Patience.