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20 Jun



The punches fly, the normals fall and clutch their injury
They wince with pain and pray to God and beg for sweet mercy
They tremble at the taste of their own blood, it’s so revolting
Their lives are lived in luxury, the pain now feels so jolting

They plead for sympathy because they think hurt is the end
That pleasure was their goal in life, not to survive and mend
They give up quickly and curl up and whimper through the rest
Wondering why they no longer are favoured and blessed

The WARRIOR tastes her own blood, a smile dons her lips
And never waivers as red trickles, oozes, spurts and drips
Skin is torn and bones are fractured, still she never quits
‘Cause pain is not enough to rob her of her grace and wits

The punches are soon joined by kicks and more damage is done
The WARRIOR absorbs it all, she does not turn and run
Because the only condition for failure is her death
“You’ll have to kill me,” she growls underneath her breath

The savagery continues but the WARRIOR withstands
“You’ll have to kill me,” she snarls as each vicious blow lands
“You’ll have to kill me,” she dares those who think they know of rage
“…kill me,” she taunts those who try her spirit to assuage

But none of those who furrow brows, hurl threats and inflict pain
Are willing to go just THAT FAR in order to attain
Control over a WARRIOR, they do not end her life
None of her assailants will bury and twist that knife

Their anger has it’s limits and their line’s drawn ‘fore the grave
The WARRIOR has one foot in the ground, that’s why she’s brave
“Go ahead and push the rest into that 6-foot pit”
She chides those who all act so fierce but not one will commit

They calm and say they don’t want that to weigh upon their soul
“Funny,” the WARRIOR responds, “Even your spirit’s goal
Is ease and comfort, luxury, no weight it wants to bear
That is why you only yell and punch but do not dare

To stop the beating of my heart, too far and too extreme?
Too dark and too sinister, you’d rather shout and scream?”
Imagine if that sick feeling that hurtful people felt
When death was around the corner was even sooner dealt

Imagine if that empathy arose with the first scorn
Imagine if that guilt and shame appeared with first word sworn
Imagine just how much less pain man would inflict on man
Imagine just how much more understanding here would span

That is why the world needs WARRIORS to take the hate
And call bullshit and chastise, scold, admonish and berate
FIGHT, WARRIOR, FIGHT until your heart pumps its last beat
Against those who act angry but see Reaper and retreat


Some Choose Hell

25 Mar

some choose hell

Some Choose Hell

The children sat in class while teacher offered them the choice:
“Little ones, who wants to work and who wants to rejoice?”
All the children ‘cept for one jumped up and squealed with glee
All except that one who did not follow or agree

“Izbor?” Teacher asked, “Why do you sit at desk so stern?”
Young Izbor gave him a sly glare, “Because that’s how I learn”
While all the children were dismissed to run outside and play
Izbor sat at his desk with his pen and worked away

Some years later, on his way back home along with mates
A storm ensued which caused the violent crashing of their straits
“It’s best if we turn back the way we came!” they all cried out
Izbor, on the other hand, chose not to wait for drought

He strapped himself tight to his raft and withstood the storm’s rage
And as he did so often, his mileage excelled his age
Several days would pass before his mates would make their way
Safely back to home while whining of sore feet all day

“Oh, my legs are aching” one complained, “I’m in great pain!
Just a few more steps and I fear I’ll suffer a sprain!”
Another moaned, “The sun’s so hot! My skin is turning pink!
When I get home I cannot wait to sleep after a drink!”

As they walked into town they spotted Izbor, bruised and cut
“You managed to survive the storm!” Izbor replied, “Somewhat”
He then walked by and left the town, they asked, “Where are you going?”
“I’ve been here now for several days and do feel myself slowing”

They shook their heads and called him mad, “He always chooses worst!
To not enjoy this peaceful town, that Izbor must be cursed!”
As the years went by his friends grew soft and slow and weak
They laughed as they reminded him, “The world goes to the meek!”

“They can have it,” Izbor said as he sharpened his blade
And set off into the dark forest on his lone crusade
To hunt down and to kill the crazed tiger that feasted on
Three young girls and their mother shortly after the dawn

Izbor found the tiger drinking from a little creek
He drew his sword and beckoned, “Prey on someone who’s not weak”
The tiger took as much from Izbor as he took from beast
And for a moment Izbor saw white light and felt released

A great and powerful being stood before Izbor and
The battered tiger, leaned forward and then outstretched his hand
He pointed to the tiger and he boomed, “To hell with you!”
The tiger sprung towards the flaming gates and then leapt through

The great Judge turned but Izbor had already made his choice
He walked towards the burning gates with resolve in his voice
“Save your clouds and golden harps for those who have no spine
For those who cry, lament, complain, who beg and plead and whine”

“The harder path has always been the one which built my power
Give my spot in Heaven to some worm who likes to cower”
“So be it,” the Judge replied as Izbor entered Hell
And did just as he always had; to conquer and to quell

The ruler in the burning land took notice and looked close
“What the Hell is that?” he asked, for Izbor did engross
“Who’s this man that chooses Hell when ease was in his reach?
Who’s this man that feels the burning pain but does not screech?”

Those around Izbor did suffer in eternity
But Izbor did not suffer, unlike them, Izbor was free
Because he never gave power to any circumstance
Nothing was a problem to Izbor, simply a chance

To fight, endure, to conquer and to be challenged once more
“He’s missed the point of this whole place!” the burning ruler swore
“Get him the Hell out of here!” the horned tyrant ordained
And that is how not even Hell could keep Izbor contained


Savior Self

22 Mar

Savior Self

Savior Self

When Kyū was a little boy his parents told him of
The Savior in the sky above who showed great grace and love
They taught him that the Savior would make everything alright
That in times of great darkness, their Savior would be the light

But as the years went by and challenges each time arose
Kyū’s parents saw no light, just wallowed in their woes
And Kyū’s friends as well did worry of what loomed ahead
Despite the promise of salvation, they all showed great dread

“Savior, help me!” he would hear and watch them as they waited
“Savior, please deliver me!” they’d beg He who created
It all seemed very futile to Kyū so he chose
To save himself the next time that a challenge would oppose

“Blasphemy!” the people cried, “It is not up to you!
What you speak is heresy, it’s Devil’s word you spew!”
Kyū tried to clarify, “I mean no disrespect
Quite the opposite, in fact, the Savior does inject

Courage within me, He gives me boldness to hold fast
To stand apart and persevere, to conquer or to last”
“The Devil’s word!” they cried again with anger and great fear
“No one has the power to save but for one, you hear?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Kyū replied, “just one’s able to save”
“Heresy!” They cried, “It’s Devil’s evil that you crave!”
Kyū thought and then replied, “If what you say is true
Then Savior will take notice and He will know what to do”

As years went by, Kyū faced struggles just as all his peers
But Kyū overcame them all with grit instead of tears
As others knelt and prayed for mercy, Kyū stood to face
Every dark and scary thing which robbed others of grace

They called him heretic and heathen, lost and without hope
Amid their anger and worry they’d pray and cry and mope
And never study carefully the life that Kyū led
His resolve wasn’t Savior-sent, it must have been instead

Granted by the evil one and given at high price
“When Kyū dies, he will go to a place not very nice!”
Sure enough one day the heart of Kyū ceased to beat
Even in his final moment, he did not retreat

They buried his scarred body in the ground and then they prayed
This tragic soul would testify and to Savior be swayed
Kyū woke and before him in some place far unknown
A light-filled being sat and watched from high atop His throne

Kyū felt no fear or wonder, did not drop to knees
He felt just as he always had, courage and no unease
The Savior rose up from His throne and bright light did emit
He walked to Kyū, shook his hand, and said, “I like your grit”


“Only” Human

20 Mar

only human

“Only” Human

There were two human brothers who were named Keelav and Stirn
Keelav thought himself as limited and did not yearn
His brother, though, saw potential that coursed through all his veins
He recognized the power and wisdom by he who trains

Keelav sighed and often said, “I’m only human, right?”
He thought his bone and sinew were a hindrance, a plight
Stirn, however, saw himself as something greater than
He’d often say, “This challenge will be conquered, fore I’m MAN!”

As years did pass, Keelav grew lazy and increased in girth
“I’m only human,” he would sigh, belittling own worth
Stirn, however, honed his muscles which sharpened his mind
He’d say, “I’m ALL OF human, to potential I’m not blind”

And Keelav would dismiss his brother, saying, “Well, that’s YOU!”
Wanting it both ways, to claim that all humans imbue
A sense of limits and failure, while Stirn was the exception
“I disagree,” bold Stirn would say, “you have a weak perception”

Stirn told of the Warriors who had come before him
All those with great strength and focus no matter how grim
He listed off great generals, great scholars, teachers, guards
Men who were indomitable, the soldiers and the bards

“Well that’s just them,” Keelav dismissed, and then Stirn did accept
That Keelav’s problem wasn’t “human,” something else had crept
Into his mind and taken hold, the parasite of fear
The gluttonous leech which saps our innate strength year after year

“Only,” Stirn said softly, “that one word has held you back
It’s kept you meek and docile whenever there’s attack
It’s your cry of retreat whenever your wits have been tested
And it is why you’ve always failed and floundered and been bested

The ‘only’ thing you’ve ‘only’ done is ‘only’ chosen to
‘Only’ ignore what is right and natural and true
You’re ‘only’ lazy, ‘only’ scared and ‘only’ miserable
You see yourself as empty when the truth is that you’re full”

Keelav wept and cried as Stirn departed, “Forgive me!
I’m only human!” Keelav sobbed and dropped down to his knee
Stirn walked on and did not stop and never did return
For years his reprimand echoed in Keelav’s mind and burned

“Only this and only that,” he pondered and he dwelled
“ONLY THIS AND ONLY THAT!” he seethed and fumed and yelled
“Only this…and only that…” he whispered and he sighed
“Only this…and…only…that…” he closed his eyes and died


The Lion Lord

16 Mar

lion lord

The Lion Lord

Every hundred years, four towns would send their very best
To meet on Mount Censura, the volcano in the west
The Lion Town sent Animus, the Warrior strong and brave
The Monkey Town sent Plumbeus from depths of their dark cave

The Bird Town sent Ignavus from the tops of towering trees
And Fish Town sent old Bardus from rivers that crash and freeze
The four beasts all set out but soon old Bardus did turn back
Up the river he spotted a small hungry wolf pack

From high above, Ignavus saw the old fish swim back home
“Good idea,” the bird exclaimed, turned back and ceased to roam
Plumbeus swung by vines to reach the mountaintop first
He looked around and saw no one, then stormed off as he cursed
“Drat it all, I must have taken the wrong path out there”
And tried to return home but was eaten by a red bear

Animus arrived with cuts and scratches on his face
He looked around and saw no soul did occupy this place
He waited only moments ‘fore he growled loud and bold
“I’ve come, I’ve conquered, show yourself before I do grow old!”

No reply was heard and so the lion walked to edge
Of the volcano, bared his fangs, and made this gravely pledge:
“If you wish to gather forest’s best, I recommend
You be prepared to match the iron will that I expend!”

“I judge you to be lacking despite all your heat and steam
I see no evidence of why I should hold you supreme!”
Brave Animus then turned and walked back down the mountain side
Only then did a voice boom with laudatory pride

“Animus, you are the best amongst your four great breeds
I do bestow the honor of ‘Lord’ for all your brave deeds”
Animus did not stop, only chuckled and then sneered
“I need no coronation from one who is not revered”

“WHAT?!” the voice boomed with great rage, “How dare you challenge me!?”
“I dare, no more needs to be said, I dare, do you not see?
I dare to follow my instincts instead of asking for
Directions and advice from those who have a weaker roar”

“COME BACK!” the mountain voice did boom, “Come face me with no fear!”
But Animus continued down because it was quite clear
That further distance he created, braver voice became
Not a peep when at its maw, yet now it was aflame

The mountain boomed, “No one this year will win the prize of best!
Not one of you are worthy and no town will now be blessed!”
The lion chuckled to himself, “A hollow accolade”
“I’ll pass on mystic garlands and rely on my own blade”

On his way back to his home, his path crossed with the fierce, red bear
“A monkey for my breakfast and for dinner, lion’s share!”
Animus did not retreat, he bared his claws and fangs
“Today you die because you can’t control your hunger pangs”

The beasts battled ‘till both were red but only one heart beat
The next day, Animus arrived back home and took a seat
The lions gathered ’round and asked, “Did you win the award?”
“The mountain did have much to say, and all of it ignored”

The lions gasped at Animus, how dare he speak so blunt
About the feared Volcano which no sane beast would confront
“I judged the mountain to be lacking” Animus did say
“My own opinion is worth more than that of frightened prey”

Some lions outside cried in fear, “The red lava now flows!
You’ve doomed us all because of the insolence that you chose!”
They ran and cried and panicked, all lions except for one
Animus bared claws and fangs and did refuse to run

“Come and earn respect for once, you mythic, tired bore!”
And mountain and the Lion Lord engaged in their great war
A hundred years later when mountain pondered the last trial
The thought of fearless Animus’ barrage brought a smile


The Riddle of Fear

13 Mar


The Riddle of Fear

What has no hands but grips you tight and squeezes out your grit?
What whispers warnings in your ear and makes you lose all wit?
What has no fangs yet bites down hard and causes valor’s bleed?
What makes the indomitable spirit of man concede?

What has no form yet plagues your dreams at night and robs your sleep?
What cannot possess anything yet never stops to reap?
What tells you it cannot be done yet can’t bear any weight?
What dwells within your ponderings yet cannot contemplate?

What is the simplest foe to quell yet costs the highest fare?
What tangles men throughout their lives despite its brittle snare?
What keeps you on your knees and loyal, captive, victim, slave?
What only withdraws its cold grip moments before the grave?

What wastes a life and spawns regret and anguish, grief, concern?
What stifles your desires all life long, then makes you yearn?
What cruel and callous King rules over all the meek and frail?
What has no blade yet does behead and bludgeon and impale?


Spread the Fear

25 Dec

Spread the Fear

The radio turns on to wake you for the next work day
The first thing that you hear is how the world is in dismay
People being run over by cars that fled the scene
Another child missing and another murdered teen
A cop shot down by bad guys while making an arrest
Right between the eyes and then a couple in the chest
Earthquakes tearing buildings down and storms that loom ahead
The more you tune in to the grief the more the fear is spread
It slowly crawls off of the page, TV, or radio
And creeps into your mind where it will never cease to grow
Countries warring with each other, “What if it spreads here?”
Economy is crashing, “I’ll lose all things I hold dear!”
And more you fear, the more you’ll tune back into the fear vendors
Hoping that someone will rise to become our defenders
Surprise, surprise, there’s just more fear, there’s just more ache and dread
Just more reasons to stay home and not get out of bed
At some point you have to admit that what they’re dolling out
Is no different than a drug that you snort up your snout
Tuning in to hear the constant destruction and death
Makes you just like a junkie who’s addicted to meth
You’ve snorted, shot up and smoked it so long that now you’re hooked
“A car crash on the 401? Ah, now I’m feeling cooked”
“I’ve gotta see the news tonight! Some kid got knifed at school!”
And when that story’s done, you’ll wait for the next piece that’s cruel
I turned my news off long ago when it was clear to me
That every venue in the news reported “balance free”
They focused more on fear and dread and less on things with hope
Their business is in dealing their despair inducing dope
I know this for a fact because I put them to the test
Recently when I embarked an altruistic quest
I set out to raise funds and hope for cancer patients who
Are battling a bigger fear than news could ever brew
Some local papers said to me “We’ll think about it some”
Guess they needed time to try to spin it as more glum
And others, no response at all. Not interested in hope
More concerned with spreading fear than helping patients cope
Same goes for the TV stations, all except for one
Not enamoured with the tale since there’s no smoking gun
Point proven both to myself and hopefully to you
About the kind of message that the newsman likes to spew
You won’t find hope or strength or faith when you go turn that dial
All they want to dispense is all of their fearful bile
Stop the spread and tune out from the news that does no good
The stories that discourage you from seeing things that could
Set your mind at ease and rouse your passion and your nerve
To realize the greatest purpose in life is to serve
The fear wants you to stay inside and keep serving their needs
Listening to their commercials bringing them proceeds
The fear will keep you in your house, curled up in a scared ball
Only when you turn it off can you start walking tall


Alone Together

19 Dec

Alone Together

I’ve some time to kill before my work shift does commence
I head to William’s coffee shop, some java they dispense
I take a seat at a table that does have room for four
I take my laptop out and figure, “Time to write of war”
I look around for inspiration and see several souls
All sitting at tables for four with coffee and soup bowls
With laptops of their own or talking or texting on phone
Or simply staring out the window, in some other zone
A cop sits all alone beside me nursing his large drink
I’d love to sit and ask him, “So officer, what do you think?”
Another man peeks worriedly over his laptop screen
His eyes meet mine for a moment and I can’t help but glean
A look of worry, fear, concern, he feels threatened by me
“Who are you to pay attention? Be gone! Let me be!”
A lady reads her laptop with great worry on her brow
I can’t ask her if she’s alright, convention won’t allow
Not one of these lonely souls would welcome someone sitting
In one of their 3 empty seats, that is not at all fitting
“Mind your own damn business,  keep your distance, stay away”
“Are you insane? I don’t know you! Please leave without delay!”
Lonely people everywhere who wonder why they feel
So alone, yet are so blind to all their spikes of steel
To their barbed wire and stone walls erected in defense
Lonely people who hate people…that make any sense?


No Limits

9 Dec

No Limits

A Warrior is not a fool who’s defined by all those
Who think traditionally and do believe that hair and clothes
And age and nationality, religion, height and weight
Define a person, to a Warrior each of these traits
Is nothing more than a limit and stops from further growth
Empathy and understanding? Limits hinder both
“This is what I am!” is ignorance, here’s what I hear:
“I am Christian so Islam and Buddha’s what I fear!”
“I’m American, so I can’t see your Chinese view!”
“I am white so things black people say cannot be true!”
“I am tall and have no clue what it’s like to be short!”
“I’m an introvert so why do you need to cavort?”
All these labels are not earned, they’re simply chance and luck
And that is why the tag of “Warrior” for me has stuck
I’m not a Warrior because of my mom and dad’s worth
I’m not a Warrior because of where she did give birth
I’m not a Warrior because of fashion or my style
I AM A WARRIOR because I sacrificed a while
Because I let it go, because I moved on with the mission
Because I turned my back on rituals and superstition
Because I stopped allowing limits to be placed upon
Myself, because I proved the normals wrong with grace and brawn
So if I’m asked, “What’s your background?” or “Which God do you praise?”
My response usually confuses and leaves look of glaze:
“I am human, no borders define or limit me
Nor with any name for Creator do I agree
I will not be limited by silly, simple rules
Invented by big halfwits and followed by bigger fools
My age, my looks, my country, my blood type, it doesn’t matter
What does is how when I engage adversity I shatter
Anything that challenges without whines or complaints
I EARNED my label by fighting, by breaking my constraints
And now I am not limited by what is in the past
THAT is why when normals quit, the Warrior does last


Bring A Lunch

29 Nov

Bring A Lunch

A Warrior does not respond with “Please stop doing that”
They do not lay down, they do not roll over and lay flat
A Warrior does not give up and does not simply quit
A Warrior holds their head high, chest out and teeth then grit
A Warrior says, “Bring a lunch!” to those who poke and tease
Because they know too well that it’s impossible to please
There’s no explaining, reasoning, no words that will suffice
And so the Warrior demands a very heavy price
“Bring a lunch” means that for those who wish to disrespect
With lack of empathy will now have their big ego checked
“Bring a lunch” means that others can spew all their mistrust
But it will cost them dearly, their own ass they’ll have to bust
“Bring a lunch” means that all those who like to hurl their hate
Better bring something along that will help satiate
Because a Warrior will take whatever may be thrown
But it is their great ENDURANCE which makes them never prone
For those who doubt and hate and wish to challenge, be forewarned
Challenging a Warrior might leave you feeling scorned
You will be stretched to your limit of patience, poise and grace
You’ll feel frustrated by that Warrior who does embrace
Discomfort, difficulty, pain and sorrow, fear and doubt
That 1-in-100 is not like others you call out
So bring a lunch if you choose to challenge a Warrior
You’ll be a while and great fatigue and hunger you’ll incur
Bring a lunch and do not be surprised how long it takes
Bring a lunch and do not whine and cry how much it aches
Bring a lunch and start to learn that talk is very cheap
But backing those words up has a price that is very steep