Use The Sword

25 Jun


Use the Sword

Dilemmas worm their way into
Our lives and we commence
To ruminate and ponder
As we try to make some sense

Theorizing, planning and
Contingencies abound
So much wasted time as we go
Round and round and round

The warriors of old saw value
In good strategy
But more often than not,
They knew there was one hasty key

That unlocked almost every problem
Quandray, obstacle
The same long, sharp solution which
Cut through Gordian’s bull

Use the sword on that which plagues you
With so much self-doubt
Use the sword to cut through that
Which doesn’t deserve clout

Use the sword, be done with it
And stop wasting your mind
And time on things that hold you back
Leave pieces in behind

Leave ribbons in your wake
Be resolute in your solution
Most worriments can be dispatched
With one downward volution


One Response to “Use The Sword”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker January 6, 2020 at 8:20 am #

    Brilliant poem as always they all are Miro… So good to see you upon my page again and you are right.. We have to let go, cut the cords and move on.. Understanding it is we who hold onto our past, and yes.. ‘Around and around we go’ repeating the same old same old situations in this world of greed and control…

    Those of us who are freeing ourselves see perhaps a little beyond that which others are yet blind to.. That it is only through going within and by mastering our inner selves do we master the world…
    Our inward reflections are the mirrors of our outer world..

    The sooner we understand what we think is what we are manifesting, the better… We can only keep trying.. but then there comes a point when we no longer try to awaken others.. Because some will never see…

    This journey has to become alittle selfish at times.. as we can only Change ourselves..

    Much love your way Miro… Keep the love and Light shining in that warrior sword …
    Have a beautiful 2020 and beyond my friend.. and take care of You.. ❤

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