The Lost Art of Salutation

13 Feb

The Lost Art of Salutation

When my dad was a child
In a long ago age
People were not
So shy to engage

Or lazy or fearful
Or surly or rude
To not give a greeting
Was thought of as crude

My father was taught
When he entered a room
To take notice of all
And let his voice boom

“Hello everyone!
Good to see you once more!
And to those I don’t know
I’m pleased to make your

Acquaintance today”
And tell them his name
He’d stick out his hand
And they’d do the same

The ancient handshake
A sign of respect
The best way for two
Strangers to connect

But something got lost
As years did pass by
Hands stopped extending
And few would say “Hi”

It became commonplace
To walk in a joint
And sit down without
Making a point

To say who you are
And to greet the ones there
Many would just
Be unaware

When you start with indifference
Right off the bat
Is it surprising
Most friendships fall flat?

My father taught me
To stick out my paw
But sometimes it’s met
With a smirk and guffaw

Sometimes I’m given
A look of confusion
They might even check
My head for contusion

“What the hell’s that?”
Is the look on their face
As they take the hand
With an awkward embrace

There’s nothing wrong with
A womanly shake
Unless you’re a man
And afraid you might break

A nail or a bone
Or pick up a germ
But I was taught that
The grip should be firm

It’s the warrior’s way
What my dad taught me
And his dad before him
And on down the tree

So though it’s archaic
An ancient lost art
I have no problem
In standing apart

By following what
My father instilled
Whether your mood
Is glowing or chilled

I’ll stick out my hand
And tell you “Hello”
Because I believe
It’s the best way to show

That I’m happy to meet you
And want to construe
That salutation’s
The best way to debut


2 Responses to “The Lost Art of Salutation”

  1. esoterica February 13, 2019 at 11:07 am #

    Beautiful sentiments! With the rise of digital communication, I see so many people “engaging” by clicking little hearts and thumbs, while failing to recognize the power of a handshake or an introduction. It is rare and refreshing to be approached by someone with confidence and sincerity, and it can be challenging to stand tall when it’s not necessarily the norm. Just last night, a stranger approached me and we had an incredible interaction–your perfectly-time post just reinforced my desire to be that person who has the confidence to say hello first. 🙂

    • Miro February 13, 2019 at 1:36 pm #

      My thoughts exactly. A ‘like’ or ‘heart’ is a nice way of letting a friend know you’re thinking about them, but it can’t be the only form of communication between friends. And I’m a believer that little gestures hints of bigger things. An apathetic greeting says a lot about how much that person values your insight. Much better to walk on than play along if it clashes with your own values. 😉

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