2 Feb



Some things may seem
So far out of reach
But unfulfilled dreams
Have something to teach

You can’t fall in darkness
When plans go awry
Nothing good comes
When you just sit and cry

Instead you should hold on
To this timeless aid:
“Best try and fail
Than live life afraid”

Afraid of the critics
Of embarrassment
Afraid that they’ll laugh
Afraid you’ll lament

Afraid of the work
That success demands
Afraid of commitment
That honor commands

Afraid that the ring
Is out of your reach
And attempting to grab it
Will cause you a breach

Know that your fear
Is reducing your span
Ignoring mine’s when
My full reach began

Yes, it may be
A bit hard to believe
But this warrior poet
Has fear up his sleeve

I talk much of courage
And going all out
But that doesn’t mean
There’s no whisper of doubt

The trick is to face it
Confront it head on
It’ll never disperse
It’ll never be gone

It’ll always be whispering
Instilling a doubt
It’s all up to you
How much it gains clout

I’ve found that the more
I’ve said, “Yes, you’re there
I hear what you’re saying
And I still don’t care”

The weaker that voice
Of doubt has become
The more to my courage
That it will succumb

You won’t win every battle
Not all dreams come true
But through every failure
One thing can accrue

The strength to quell fear
With all of your fire
As you extend your full reach 
To the tip of the spire


4 Responses to “Reach”

  1. Sara Wales at 4:05 am #


  2. Sue Dreamwalker at 6:11 am #

    I know of no one who has not held doubt, we are human after all. Confronting those whispers and overcoming them, means learning to go within and seeing there is often a battle of wills being waged as the Ego and our Higher self do battle.
    Learning to discern and defeat, means learning to recognise our Higher Self. And that comes from Trusting from our guts.
    Something you have mastered well Miro..
    Its been a great pleasure to catch up with a few of your poems posted in Feb Miro..
    I hope all is well with you,
    Blessings my friend

    • Miro at 9:10 am #

      Thanks Sue, glad you enjoyed them and thank you for your wise words. I’m enjoying revisiting them and being reminded of what I am as well as reconnecting with my WP friends. All the best my friend! 🙏

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