Piss ’em Off

23 Jun

Piss ‘em Off

Your mommy and your daddy and your uncles and your aunts
Your siblings and your teachers all recited the same chants:
“Be nice!” they warned because if you don’t choose your words with care
They might anger, incite, rile and cause tempers to flare

“Be nice!” or you will have to deal with something that’s not nice
I’ve come to learn that being “nice always” is bad advice
Know what you will get when you are kind to narcissists?
You’ll get someone who won’t give back but their taking persists

How ‘bout if you are gentle with a person with no spine?
You’ll get a weakling who cannot endure, they’ll only whine
And if you do agree with someone who is just a fool
For sake of not hurting their feelings and appearing cruel?

You’ll get an ignorant adult who angers and throws fits
Who’s too lazy to understand and is devoid of wits
I see a world of tiptoeing, the “Snowflake Generation”
Over-sensitive egos with unhealthy fixation

On “conditional happiness,” these simple minds believe
That joy is when you get something and loss is when you grieve
So many think this way because “Be nice!” was ingrained deep
Luckily for every hundred, one is not a sheep

Awakening did come to me not from those with fake smiles
It didn’t come from the “in crowd,” it came from the exiles
The ones who spoke the truth straight from their hearts and didn’t care
Who it did piss off and caused to argue, scream and swear

“My duty is to sing my song and dance my dance, my dears”
One of these folks said whose words singed many people’s ears
I listened to his words so genuine, his voice so merry
While brainwashed sheep with voices filled with angst would scoff and parry

“If it helps, then great!” he sang, “if not, then that’s too bad!”
He followed with a cheerful wave and “Bye!” he’d brightly add
He pissed ‘em off and what I saw was deception from most
Those who preached “Be nice!” did not practice what they did boast

Ever stop to think how many folks who talk the talk
Are not hypocrites and do the work to walk the walk?
Ever wonder how many who demand “nice” show grace
To those who have the courage to reject them to their face?

“Nice,” I learned was something that was asked for but not shown
By most people who didn’t train, weren’t tested, hadn’t grown
A soft society based on comfort and luxury
Whose addiction to ease has caused a mental atrophy

Piss ‘em off, I say, light fires underneath their ass
Search your heart and speak your mind with great big balls of brass
And if they cannot handle someone’s different point of view
Don’t you dare apologize, give them something to chew

Challenge them to try harder while you wave and sing “Bye!”
An ego is not justified because it starts to cry
Have no fear, those tears will dry and anger will subside
And in a while the ache and pain will pass from their backside

And what causes this healing? Why does the pain go away?
Resiliency, my dears, a trait that we rarely display
But it is there and more it’s used, the less our egos ache
So speak your mind and piss ‘em off and challenge that snowflake


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