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The Time That’s Left

25 Jun


The Time That’s Left

A quirky twist of fate to be imbued with the belief
That we will live forever, yet our time on Earth is brief
We make bold declarations that “Tomorrow, things will change!
Tomorrow the battle begins! I’ll plan and rearrange!”

Procrastinating since we think because we’ve lived this long
Precedent would prove that we’ll for many years prolong
While all the truths which do dispel this naive ignorance
Are scoffed at, scorned, evaded or met with indifference

“Healthy” people dying of a heart attack at fifty
Time cut short despite their abstinence from drugs and whisky
Young lives cut too short because a mishap with car
Fate ignores how talented they were with a guitar

Children filled with love and life and innocence close eyes
And breathe their final breath despite their mothers’ prayers and cries
In one quick blink the life that was is now longer there
And though we witness death each year, so few seem to beware

“Tomorrow this, tomorrow that” despite constant reminders
“Tomorrow” is not guaranteed regardless of your blinders
So live for something that in fact you do possess right now:
This moment, wake up, look around, breathe deep, my dears, somehow

Be present and get up and do the things you have delayed
Revel in the chance, the gift and do not be afraid
The time that’s left is not something to look upon in fear
The seconds that remain are something to love and revere

Time is almost up, my dears, get up and make the most
May I remind that very soon your spirit leaves its host?
And what will the survivors say? That you just sat and thought?
Or that you were a Warrior and PUSHED and STRIVED and FOUGHT?


Piss ’em Off

23 Jun

Piss ‘em Off

Your mommy and your daddy and your uncles and your aunts
Your siblings and your teachers all recited the same chants:
“Be nice!” they warned because if you don’t choose your words with care
They might anger, incite, rile and cause tempers to flare

“Be nice!” or you will have to deal with something that’s not nice
I’ve come to learn that being “nice always” is bad advice
Know what you will get when you are kind to narcissists?
You’ll get someone who won’t give back but their taking persists

How ‘bout if you are gentle with a person with no spine?
You’ll get a weakling who cannot endure, they’ll only whine
And if you do agree with someone who is just a fool
For sake of not hurting their feelings and appearing cruel?

You’ll get an ignorant adult who angers and throws fits
Who’s too lazy to understand and is devoid of wits
I see a world of tiptoeing, the “Snowflake Generation”
Over-sensitive egos with unhealthy fixation

On “conditional happiness,” these simple minds believe
That joy is when you get something and loss is when you grieve
So many think this way because “Be nice!” was ingrained deep
Luckily for every hundred, one is not a sheep

Awakening did come to me not from those with fake smiles
It didn’t come from the “in crowd,” it came from the exiles
The ones who spoke the truth straight from their hearts and didn’t care
Who it did piss off and caused to argue, scream and swear

“My duty is to sing my song and dance my dance, my dears”
One of these folks said whose words singed many people’s ears
I listened to his words so genuine, his voice so merry
While brainwashed sheep with voices filled with angst would scoff and parry

“If it helps, then great!” he sang, “if not, then that’s too bad!”
He followed with a cheerful wave and “Bye!” he’d brightly add
He pissed ‘em off and what I saw was deception from most
Those who preached “Be nice!” did not practice what they did boast

Ever stop to think how many folks who talk the talk
Are not hypocrites and do the work to walk the walk?
Ever wonder how many who demand “nice” show grace
To those who have the courage to reject them to their face?

“Nice,” I learned was something that was asked for but not shown
By most people who didn’t train, weren’t tested, hadn’t grown
A soft society based on comfort and luxury
Whose addiction to ease has caused a mental atrophy

Piss ‘em off, I say, light fires underneath their ass
Search your heart and speak your mind with great big balls of brass
And if they cannot handle someone’s different point of view
Don’t you dare apologize, give them something to chew

Challenge them to try harder while you wave and sing “Bye!”
An ego is not justified because it starts to cry
Have no fear, those tears will dry and anger will subside
And in a while the ache and pain will pass from their backside

And what causes this healing? Why does the pain go away?
Resiliency, my dears, a trait that we rarely display
But it is there and more it’s used, the less our egos ache
So speak your mind and piss ‘em off and challenge that snowflake


The Shunning

16 Jun
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for change.
Every single time there’s been a shooting, the shooter’s name and face has been plastered all over the media. In their own twisted way, the killers have achieved fame and notoriety. They didn’t have to work for it and earn it over a long period of time like the true Warriors throughout history. They simply pulled a trigger and now everyone world wide knows about them, and they’ll be remembered for years to come. It doesn’t matter to them whether it’s being remembered in infamy; the important thing to them is that they’re remembered. They died (or are locked up in jail) with the exhilaration of knowing that they’re singled out from all of the other faceless, forgotten people…some of whom being their victims.
Perhaps the next time someone decides to shoot innocent, unsuspecting people, the media should withhold that shooter’s name and pictures. Perhaps the media shouldn’t interview their friends, ex-partners or parents in a mock-attempt at “understanding the horror.” Perhaps they should be *shunned* with darkness and silence for their cowardly act instead of having a spotlight put on them.
The definition of “shun” is to persistently avoid, ignore, or reject through antipathy or caution. Isn’t this exactly what a murderer of innocents deserves? And yet the media constantly displays the name and image of the shooter, immortalizing them. I call it grossly irresponsible and immoral, and it speaks volumes about the people who operate the media and their true motives.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for change. Years ago I decided to try something different; I shunned the media when I saw that they had no intention of shunning cowardly murderers. I’m much happier for it, understand the atrocities that occur better, and rest assured knowing that my memory banks are reserved for heroes and Warriors, not cowards and psychopaths.
Shun on,

Outraged vs Appropriate

13 Jun

People tend to not think rationally when they’re upset, offended or outraged. I think that’s a major reason why atrocities continue to occur in this world. Because the people who could be doing something about it are allowing their judgement to be impaired by their emotions (ego) and seek vengeance, which only escalates the violence, instead of seeking justice, which isn’t always as satisfying, but usually helps diffuse and discourage further violence.

When people are upset, thinking rationally and critically feels impossible, and so they simplify things. Individuals who performed these horrible acts lose their individualism and are instead grouped under simple, easy labels such as religion, nationality, and other cliques whose membership is given rather than earned. Angry fools point a finger at an entire group of people rather than doing the work and focusing on the individual who is actually responsible. An angry mind is a lazy mind. It wouldn’t be angry if it wasn’t lazy, folks. If it was an open, curious, empathic and inquisitive mind, it would ask many questions instead of making many threats. The angry, lazy mind doesn’t want to understand, it just wants blood, but after a few months, the anger subsides and that lazy mind goes back to focusing on things that don’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things, such as TV, gossip, sports, politics, and the like. Then another atrocity hits the news and all of those silly time-wasters once again take a backseat as they get worked up all over again instead of trying to understand why these things keep happening. And their simple minds are easily encouraged to be outraged thanks to newscasters who are actually actors that know how to make a terrible event sound even worse thanks to vocal and facial training techniques, and news articles that hit all of the key words for maximum emotional provocation. The puppet masters continue to pull the strings and the puppets continue to dance without ever questioning how the news is delivered, just like they never question why these acts of evil have been committed since the dawn of time.

Some years ago, I made the conscious decision to stop allowing the news to influence my emotions. When I left my emotions out of it, I was able to understand what had occurred better, what had motivated it, and also recognize the manipulation of the news media, who stoke the fire and take advantage of people’s emotions in the time of tragedy in order to make a profit off of advertising.

My understanding wasn’t a pleasant one. Here’s a fair warning; when you seek understanding, you’re not always going to like what you learn. The angry mob uses words like “monsters” to describe these culprits. I have a other words. Weak. Gullible. Followers. Sheep. Easily influenced (not unlike people who become outraged by news stories). Lazy. Cowardly. These are people who were given labels such as religion and nationality and waved those flags proudly rather than choose their own identity and earn it with sweat, pain and patience over time. And there are MANY more people like that in the world. The atrocities won’t ever stop because cowardice, laziness and egoic pride over labels handed down instead of earned will be in human beings for a long time to come.

So what’s the solution? It certainly isn’t getting angry or outraged and demanding the blood of the other people who are in the same “club” as the perpetrator. The solution isn’t a simple one, and that will discourage many thanks to their deeply ingrained laziness. But if I had to sum it up, I’d say the solution is to be prepared & be appropriate. Threatening violence on someone who is not violent is not appropriate. Damning an entire religion for the acts of a few is not appropriate, because there are people in that religion who also find those violent acts inappropriate.

Trying to defend yourself when someone tries to hurt you or take your life or the lives of those around you when you haven’t physically prepared yourself for that type of situation is not appropriate. Many people will boast about what they would do in that kind of situation, but the truth is they don’t prepare for that type of situation. They don’t take care of themselves physically, they don’t train their strength, focus, and reflexes as a soldier, police officer or martial artist does for that kind of situation. They’re delusional, plain and simple. They think they’ll have their big hero moment when the gunfire begins, but the truth is they’ll freeze, possibly scream, and probably die.

I’m inspired by the men and women who train themselves daily to maintain calm and grace in the face of turmoil. It’s because of them that I no longer become outraged whenever the news breaks of another bombing, shooting or even natural disaster. It’s simply part of the training. When the shit hits the fan, Charlie Mike: Continue Mission. Getting emotional will cloud judgment and reflexes, and will prevent you from acting appropriately. Sometimes being appropriate is using these tragedies as a moment to train your self-control over your emotions. As with any training, if you do that long enough, one day you may find yourself in one of those tragedies, and while others panic, you could be the 1-in-100 that has honed your self control, reflexes, skill and strength in order to be appropriate and neutralize the situation.

Charlie Mike,


The Warrior’s Creed

11 Jun