25 Oct



You’re always reaching for more joy, more hope, more patience, strength
Your parents and your teachers taught it’s all just past arm’s length
They took the innocent child and did indoctrinate
A constant sense of desire in order to feel great
They taught that child to want more nice things, experience
They taught you have to be elsewhere for your life to make sense
They taught that the word “fools” was harsh and mean, not very nice
So anyone that dared to question their foolish advice
Would be dismissed as radical and should be scorned and feared
They taught you how to be soulless and that “soulful” was weird
Some taught you to reach for God, or Jesus or Allah
But those who claim to make contact are met with a guffaw
“Insane,” they’re called, “not right in head” because they claimed to reach
That which was designed to not be grasped, those things they preach
Awareness of what is was not instilled because your teachers
Are not aware of what they have, they’re wanters and they’re reachers
They dress it up with fancy words like “enterprise,” “ambition”
They teach you to not trust your instincts and your intuition
“Hold on just a sec, that’s not what the experts did teach!”
The sheep with no faith in themselves do warn as they all reach
Always “working on it,” “getting there,” never content
Always reaching for something which was always present
Reaching for their scripture or their toys or drugs or booze
Reaching for a hero or a savior or a muse
Here’s the part of the poem where I won’t seem so nice
Because I call your parents and your teachers “fools” and “mice”
“Cowards,” “spineless” and all “sheep” because they have no trust
Within themselves which would have put an end to all their lust
Here’s where the term “Warrior” becomes very off-putting
Because a Warrior is one who has earned secure footing
By reaching deep within and being oddly satisfied
With who they are and what they’ve done without having a guide
Here’s where all the reachers cast their stones at those who walk
With confidence and do not need to brag or boast or squawk
“Desire,” a great Warrior once said, “is the dark root
Of suffering” but his wisdom is always in dispute
With those who reach for who they want to be to find their peace
Ironic that it’s your reaching that makes what’s inside cease
Reaching for that job or car or home or weight or Lord
Unaware, unaware of where your peace is stored


3 Responses to “Reaching”

  1. Sam Red October 26, 2015 at 4:36 pm #

    Totally wonderful post 🙂 Warm greetings, Sam 🙂

    • Miro October 26, 2015 at 4:39 pm #


  2. Sue Dreamwalker November 17, 2015 at 3:29 pm #

    May we all keep reaching ‘Within’ my friend.. and pulling out the answers and the strength.. ❤ Wonderful words

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