Normals Poet Wisdom

6 Sep

Normals Poet Wisdom

The following is not a poem
By a Warrior
Instead, to change things up a bit
This poem’s from a cur

A spineless, frightened jellyfish
A cowardly, sad welp
A “Normal” as I label them
I hope these weak words help

All the ‘normals’ who cannot
Digest the regular
Words of strength and sacrifice
Which offend and deter

Here you go, you ‘normal’ bunch
A poem just for you
May these lyrics encourage your
Pathetic, feeble view:


Don’t be bold, don’t be unique
Don’t stand out, just blend in
Don’t speak up and disagree
To do so is a sin

Don’t offend and make them mad
‘Cause God up in the sky
Will punish you by sending you
To hell where you will cry

Just be nice and do not judge
Who should receive your grace
Even selfish scumbags should
Receive your warm embrace!

Speak the words, “Forgive! Forget!”
But you don’t have to act
It’s more important to be fake
And pretend to have tact

Than actually possess a peaceful
Heart and placid soul
Remember to get mad at others
Who tempt and cajole

Be a victim and complain
‘Cause it’s out of your hands
Pray to the creator
There are oh so many brands!

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or
A thousand other Gods
Just pick one but with all the rest
Be at embittered odds

‘Cause any God you pick is the
God that is on your side
And also don’t forget to show
Too much pleasure and pride

Within yourself, remember to
Smile real big and feel great
Whenever someone compliments
Mmmm…tasty ego bait!

Do not think of enlightenment
Until you’re almost dead
THEN practice an open-mind
While fighting sense of dread

Cry yourself to sleep because
You know you’ve wasted time
Then shrug and say you “Did your best!”
To pardon every crime

There there, tap tap, you’ll be honored
By your family and mates
They’ll say a bunch bullshit as
The funeral awaits

They’ll speak of how fearless you were
And luckily ignore
All the selfishness and cowardice
That you lived for

Ahhh, the fulfilled life of a
Normal who was so “nice”
Never fought, just knelt and cried
An easy, ‘normal’ price


One Response to “Normals Poet Wisdom”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker November 17, 2015 at 3:47 pm #

    Much wisdom within these words Miro… Much.

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