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Send In The Clowns

19 Aug


Send In The Clowns

Lipstick and foundation and some blush upon the cheeks
Women painting themselves up like lurid, ghastly freaks
They say, “It makes me feel pretty” without imagining
How it is to look upon this phony, pancaked “thing”
If you could see through my sharp eyes the deception that’s drawn
On natural beauty until every last trace is gone
If you could see the eyeliner that distracts from the gaze
The lipstick which embellishes, the eyebrow plucking craze
Hordes of women who paint up because their mommies did
Who live in fear of their real face, grabbed cosmetics and hid
If you could walk a mile in the shoes of those who see
Makeup as a misleader your face would be paint-free
I tend to ask the painful questions so here’s one for “chicks”
Who need to paint themselves like clowns ‘fore they appear in pics:
Why don’t you have that pretty feeling when your face is bare?
Why don’t you feel exquisite with your plain old boring hair?
Why don’t you feel so beautiful without mascara on?
Why do you look at what God gave you and then simply yawn?
Why is what you have not special? Stunning? Elegant?
Who decided beauty is not blessed but rather, spent?
Who decided that you’re plain unless you paint your face?
And why on Earth would any rational woman embrace
Such a silly concept, why just follow without thought
And cover up the REAL and NATURAL beauty you’ve got?



18 Aug


The normals ask the fitness guru, “Please sir, kick my ass!”
Because they lack an iron will and ‘tween their legs, no brass
The normals ask the scholar, “Please sir, share what you have learned!”
Because reading is something for which they have never yearned
The normals ask the Warrior, “Please sir, help me wage war
With all the things that stress me out or make my life a chore!”
The normals ask the people who have done the work each day
For motivation ‘cause they don’t live in an intense way
They ask permission, say sorry and tiptoe on eggshells
“Is this ok? Is that alright?” the normal often tells
“Can I do this? Can I do that?” the normal always checks
They ask the masters such as Jesus, Gandhi, Malcolm X
They ask permission to show greatness, “Think that’d be alright?”
For motivation, “Lend a hand for my enormous fight?”
Motivation is admission that you are weak willed
Hoping someone else’s passion in you is instilled
No one’s going to give you what you’re asking for so cease
They did the work and paid the price and earned all of their peace
They had audacity to have unshakable belief
In themselves through all the criticism, hate and grief
Everyone who’s earned greatness that is asked to inspire
Achieved it not through urging but because they did perspire
Not through motivation but through DEFIANCE and DARE
Through CONFIDENCE and COURAGE, not through asking and through prayer
If you ask for motivation, he’s all that I’ve got:
“Those who do not motivate themselves live lives for naught”


Easier Done Than Said

6 Aug

Easier Done Than Said

It’s spoken many times each day by those who lack resolve:
“Easier said than done!”’s the hymn of those who can’t evolve
They claim that words come with great ease while action has great toll
But if your word’s your bond then you will only speak with soul
If your word’s your bond then you won’t speak while you’re asleep
If your word’s your bond then your dialogue won’t come cheap
If your word’s your bond then it is harder said than done
‘Cause honor for a Warrior weighs seven thousand tonnes
If it’s said, it’s done and there’s no struggle to be had
If it’s said, the course of action’s known and is not sad
If it’s said, then duty now comes into swift effect
The effort of the mission does not depress or deject
“Easier done than said!” a Warrior sighs with relief
‘Cause nothing after a promise will bring them any grief
It has been said and set in stone, the hard part has been spoken
The iron will which spoke keeps that promise from being broken