What’s Fair

29 Jul

What’s Fair

I see so many boast and brag how they will conquer all
They warn “I’ll end you, buttercup!” in their forced macho drawl
They try to make their enemies feel fear as they inflict
Threats and anger, sometimes pain with each intense conflict

And all of it seems quite unfair, to claim to have no fear
Yet say and do things with intent to draw a frightened tear
To act as if a foe’s opinion does not hold much weight
Yet act as if their own views matter while they spew their hate

It doesn’t seem so fair to me to engage in combat
And hope the other party lacks all of the virtues that
Make you tough and strong and fierce, seems quite selfish to me
A level playing field in any conflict should be key

The moment fear appears upon the face of your rival
If you feel none, it’s your duty to reassure survival
If they appear to lack the bass within your booming voice
Then lowering your harsh volume is the only fair choice

If they lack the experience to weather all your stings
Then empathy should pull back all the force on your hard swings
But that is not the way of most, “All’s fair in love and war”
All pensive thought, discernment, judgement is thrown out the door

Just KILL! DESTROY! OBLITERATE all that stands in your way!
“Kill ‘em all and God can sort ‘em out!” the proud apes say
And that is why I say to you it’s time you upped your training
‘Cause I am 1 in 100 and my tribe’s quickly waning

It’s very rare you’ll come across a Warrior of peace
Who’ll see your plight and show mercy and their barrage will cease
Most have no sense of fairness and want to conquer you
So beat them to the punch and conquer yourself with review

Identify your fears and pains, confront them and embrace
As you gain power over them your voice will grow in bass
Accuse yourself of all the worst, accept and overcome
Then what they say has no effect, a Warrior you’ve become

Aware and in control and not at mercy of all those
Who have no sense of fairness when they do battle with foes
Life’s not fair so I suggest you brace yourself and train
Otherwise the unfair will just leave you crushed and slain


One Response to “What’s Fair”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker July 29, 2015 at 9:20 am #

    ” ‘Cause I am 1 in 100 and my tribe’s quickly waning”………..

    You have more in your tribe than you think Miro.. and another excellent poem.. Yes many are brought up surrounded by violence and hatred… But I know that We warriors and many more who are yet silent will not stand by and see unfairness take control..

    Love and Blessings

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