Body Language

16 Jul

Body Language

The politician takes the stand, adjusts the microphone
He’s asked a question, clears his throat, no discomfort is shown
He starts to spout his rhetoric prepared the day before
By writers who know how to “spin” the ugliness of war

His voice is strong and steady and he fools most of the sheep
But some are not convinced because their detection is deep
They see his eyes that look away, a tiny shoulder strug
Fractions of a moment that betray his fearless mug

Most are trained from birth to take a person at their word
A Warrior knows that the truth is usually unheard
It’s told in how the speaker cannot face your scrutiny
When someone tries to hide the truth, their eyes are first to flee

They clasp their hands or cross their arms to brace for your review
A Warrior outstretches arms and revels in what’s true
The liar tries to retreat and if backed into a wall
Then they will become hostile and ready for a brawl

The liar thinks that threats and anger will sustain the mask
The Warrior knows truth is peace and in so they do bask
Listen to the cadence, hear the fumbling for words?
The ums and ahs and you knows while their eyes go search for birds

People lie and they succeed because their words are trusted
The real truth is revealed if your truth detector’s adjusted
Do not pay so much attention to the words you hear
Instead lean forward, gaze intently and the truth’s quite clear


One Response to “Body Language”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker July 29, 2015 at 9:40 am #

    I like this a lot Miro.. So many of those who lean into their microphones and speak words.. seldom truth..

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