Coping Skills

29 Jun

Coping Skills

Society has given us convenience at great cost
The price of instant luxury: our coping skills are lost
Everything takes seconds now, and if we’re forced to wait
Most reveal that patience now is an endangered trait

Sighs and grumbles, gripes and moans, whines and bellyaches
Majority of people just do not have what it takes
To recognize, adapt, accept and formulate a plan
They’re children who did not grow up, among them not one man

Little Billy and Jimmy and Timmy, Bobby too
Crying on their mommy’s shoulder when they all felt blue
The years went by, their hair turned grey and their bellies did grow
But all they say when they choose stress is, “Yeah, I know, I know”

Parents, how ‘bout something new? Instead of teaching tykes
To wear a boo-boo face and cry whenever distress strikes
How ‘bout kneeling down and saying, “Look me in the eye
Focus, hear my voice and listen, pay attention, try

Things will happen in your life, you can’t control that, lad
But what most will not teach you is it’s your CHOICE to be mad
It’s your CHOICE to be upset, sad, to dwell on what took place
And that means it can be your CHOICE to be different: choose grace”

How many children were taught in face of angst and pain
To not indulge their self-pity and instead, urged to train?
How many were taught to not fear things that cut them deep?
How many were taught to listen, feel and learn, not weep?

Coping skills weren’t taught because the parents didn’t cope
Whiners and complainers rear adults who stress and mope
Done so innocently, playfully blaming that chair
That banged Bobby’s poor knee, that nasty furniture! There, there

Training children every day to give power to things
That hurt instead of raising Warriors and Queens and Kings
Teaching them there is no task, no challenge and no person
Who has the strength to make their iron will and focus worsen

Thank you, pop, for teaching me, “It IS what it IS, son”
Not pandering to my ego showed me what must be done
Eyes wide open, ears attuned and focus is acute
Ready to adapt, accept and unleash my large boot


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