Iron Will

10 Jun

Iron Will

Will was just a normal boy
His parents bought him every toy
They made him do his chores which weren’t too hard

This life was filled with love and joy
Yet sometimes somethings did annoy
And other things left Will feeling quite scarred

His loving folks said, “There, there, Will”
And made him take a magic pill
Which made his pain vanish for just a bit

But over time, with each refill
The magic cure made him less chill
And Will’s control would once again remit

His parents tried another cure:
A therapist that they were sure
Would be able to fix all of Will’s pain

Again, at first Will did feel pure
Again the joy did not endure
Again, they tried to fix poor Will’s sad brain

One day, young Will had a thought:
“Perhaps it’s not me who’s distraught
Perhaps all of you are the ones who lack

Perhaps everything I’ve been taught
Is festering and overwrought
With apathy and it’s time I attack

Perhaps I have been blind to hate
And fear that all of you create
Perhaps it’s time I spoke the truth I see

Perhaps it’s time that I shot straight
Perhaps it’s time I did debate
Think for myself, question and disagree

Perhaps instead of feeling hurt
It’s time that I was blunt and blurt
Oh, it hurts your feelings? Take this pill

They’ll help you to hide and avert
The nasty things which make blood spurt
At least for a short time, then it’s down hill

Then we’ll ask a therapist
To fix your ego laundry list
They’ll help a bit, then once again you’ll feel

Your ego’s dagger stab and twist
Perhaps one day you’ll use your fist
And iron will to find the cure that’s real”

His parents listened on with shock
“Will’s lost his mind!” they’d point and gawk
“Thank God for that,” Will smiled with relief

“‘Cause no longer does my mind block
My iron will and grit of rock
No longer does it slay my self-belief”

They called him asshole and a prick
Insensitive and jerk and sick
“I know you hate what you don’t understand

Who’d think it would do the trick
To embrace my empathy’s kick?
To own my gift, not bury head in sand”

So Iron Will embraced his gift
And was aware and strong and swift
And never again did he beg for rest

His loved ones thought he was adrift
His steel resolve caused quite a rift
They worried, cried, yelled, sighed and were quite stressed

And sought cures for themselves but failed
They swallowed medicine, inhaled
And turned to other crutches while Will viewed

“Always hiding, so derailed
Terrified, locked up and jailed
Beings whose sole purpose: to elude”

He took a breath and closed his eyes
And saw through all of ego’s lies
“You’re wrong,” he said, “great power’s within me

I need no pill, guru or guise
To find happiness and be wise
Just iron will, focus and no mercy”


One Response to “Iron Will”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker June 26, 2015 at 9:39 am #

    A very cleverly constructed poem Miro.. I enjoyed it a lot.. 🙂

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