To Die For

9 Jun

To Die For

What is there worth dying for? The normals think, “Nothing!”
Their sole purpose in life is to live long with ease and sing
They would not lay their lives down for a single truth or cause
They would not risk their heart’s beating or breath in lungs because

They do not understand the concept of “self sacrifice”
They want something for nothing and they balk when there’s a price
They live in free countries all built upon the bodies of
Soldiers who died for a cause: self-sacrifice and love

When threats arise, they run in fear and dial 9-1-1
“Save me!” they ask cops who, much like soldiers, do not shun
Their duty to lay down their lives to protect those in fear
Whose sole purpose in life is just survive and live with cheer

What would you die for? Some old cliché like, “For my kids!”
The truth is despite what you say, all your training forbids
You cannot run and hide each time some awkwardness appears
And then when the Grim Reaper comes, to not succumb to fears

The Warrior and Poet, Archilochus, did describe
How no praying or wishing, bargaining or gift or bribe
Can save you from your lack of training, “THAT’S to where we fall”
You think you’ll make the sacrifice? I think you’ll simply crawl

When someone breaks into your house and threatens your kid’s life
You think you’ll die with glory as you charge towards the knife?
Your ego likes to paint the scene, how you will rise and win
It leaves out your slow reflexes, your doubt and your chagrin

It doesn’t tell you how you’ll shake just like each time there’s yelling
You run away instead of step forward with courage swelling
Some say Warriors all have a death wish and are nuts
They say, “You should be more careful which hill you die on, putz!”

I SAY there are many hills on which I’d breathe my last
The causes for which I would die are quite diverse and vast
Empathy, awareness, fitness, nutrition and health
Sacrifice over ego, soulfulness over wealth

Control of self, the choice to let it go and be offbeat
Gays and women’s rights, refusal to eat tortured meat
All of those and many more for which I would perish
“Crazy,” “quirky,” “angry,” “bitter,” uptight,” “psycho,” “garish”

Are words that cowards use for those who believe something’s worth
Paying the ultimate price: your final breath on Earth
But why then do those who would pay no longer live in fear?
Why do they no longer need to unwind with a beer?

Why do they not turn to pills or drugs to calm their nerves?
Why are they in state of “zen” that through turmoil, preserves?
The peace and clarity that those who don’t fear death possess
Comes from paying highest price, not because God did bless

It comes from being aware, from sound mind, from willing choice
“You’ll have to KILL ME because I won’t quit,” is their bold voice
And when D-Day does come around, a Warrior will know
Their final breath is filled with grace, not angst and fear and woe


One Response to “To Die For”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker June 26, 2015 at 9:42 am #

    Yes many a hill.. and one will surely be waiting.. May we climb it well when we come to face it.. 🙂
    Again brilliant poetry Miro..
    Sue x

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