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17 Apr

Sword Body Mind

Plans Change

17 Apr

Things don’t always go as planned but how you deal with it
Reveal a Warrior or whelp, a soldier or a shit
The former is resilient, lets go and adapts to “now”
The latter can’t let go of “what should be” and has a cow

Pain’s Beginning

16 Apr

Desire, Buddha once did warn, is where your pain begins
Desire, brothers and sisters, not lies, mistakes or sins
Desire, simply wanting it is why you feel such weight
Desire is the fountain of your stress and fear and hate
If you could remove your desire and let things fall in place
Accept “what is” is different from “what’s wanted,” you’ll find grace

Returned to Sender

16 Apr


A letter is returned if the receiver won’t accept
So why is it when trouble comes, you choose to get upset?
The trouble, like the letter, may have your name upon it
But it is YOU who accepts what’s inside and throws a fit
Why accept the upsetness? How silly to not choose
To just “Return to Sender” instead of crying your blues

Stupid Teachers

14 Apr


Stupid Teachers

“But I’ve been taught to this and that!” a fool will often say
A Warrior is wise enough to know a teacher’s way
Sometimes is misguided and is influenced by fear
Or selfishness or ego or no empathy, my dear
“But I’ve been taught I should feel bad if someone does reject!”
Then they’ve been taught a stupid way to let others affect
“But I’ve been taught to not take crap!” the fools shout with closed fists
Then they’ve been taught a stupid, lazy, scared way that consists
Of being disconnected from the source the attack
To not endeavour empathy, to simply punch and smack
“But I’ve been taught to pray for help!” the fools try to explain
Then they’ve been taught the stupid way to beg instead of train
“But I’ve been taught to take offense when my views are assaulted!”
Then they’ve been taught a stupid way of views which can’t be faulted
For every single method is not exempt from review
It’s only stupid teachers who teach, “Just one way is true!”
Use your brain, think for yourself and question stupid teaching
Or else you will be just like them with parrot-mimic preaching