“Is That A Threat?”

27 Mar

Is That A Threat

“Is That A Threat?”

Craven Clyde was a small man, not stature but in mind
He always feared that everyone sought to kick his behind
A lazy and a selfish man, small Clyde would take the route
Of least resistance and most fun or Craven Clyde would pout

“One day you will pay for that,” others would often tell
“IS THAT A THREAT?” the craven one would panic, dread and dwell
They’d tell him, “It will catch up, all your sloth and laziness”
“IS THAT A THREAT?” scared Clyde would blurt and worry and distress

They’d say, “If you always do least, you’ll end up mad and weak”
“IS THAT A THREAT?” the coward could be heard to moan and shriek
And so as years went by, the Craven Clyde heard no predictions
Each and every single hunch felt more like crucifixions

One day, a hard man arrived and passed by Craven Clyde
He took a whiff of the coward, he coughed and then did chide
“The stench of fear and laziness chokes my Warrior throat!
I’ve seen more passion in a two-legged castrated goat!”

“IS THAT A THREAT?” Clyde snorted back, and then was on his ass
The Warrior drew out his blade which gleamed with steel and brass
“Listen here, pathetic wretch, it’s YOU who are the threat!
Your apathy spreads like disease, your aversion to sweat!”

The hardened soldier leaned in close and met Clyde eye to eye
He growled, “It’s your fear which will one day cause you to die”
Craven Clyde bawled out his eyes and cried, “Is that a threat?
Please spare my wretched life and I’ll always be in your debt!”

The Warrior sheathed his long blade and said, “You have no coin
Or conviction to pay such debts, you’re lacking in the groin”
The Warrior then walked away, no wise words did he speak
He simply spat upon the ground which caused small Clyde to squeak

“Was that a threat?” he thought to self as the hard man trudged on
Even as he shrunk on the horizon and was gone
Craven Clyde sat in his piss and poop and still did fuss
“Was that a threat?” he’d try with all the the passers to discuss

No one did respond to Clyde and so he did construe
Their cold-shoulder to be a threat, “THE THREAT IS ALL OF YOU!”
He sprang up to his feet and ran towards the nearest cliff
He jumped and as the jagged rocks approached, Clyde then went stiff

“IS THAT A THREAT!?” he screamed towards the stones and then was dead
The cold and jagged rocks whispered as Clyde’s still body bled
“No, it’s not a threat, you craven fool, just common sense
But truth has ways of being lost on those who are too tense”


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