Meiyo’s Quest

10 Mar


Meiyo’s Quest

When Meiyo was but a small boy, his father sat him down
He spoke to his young son with furrowed brow and a grim frown
“Meiyo,” his father began, “the time has come to warn”
He ran a shaking hand through his gray hair and then did mourn

“The time has come to face the fact, the time has come for truth
I’m sorry that this has to come so early in your youth
Listen well and take to heart these words, for though they sear
The wound will heal in time and then your vision will be clear

He took a breath and closed his eyes, then fixed his gaze upon
The innocent young boy who still could view the world as dawn
“Dusk has fallen, my young son, and honor is no more
The concept has now grown to be a much lamented chore”

His father fought back tears and focused, gaze intent and fierce
“Honor’s dead and buried,” but his stark words did not pierce
“This cannot be,” the boy replied and smiled, “I can feel
Its presence still among us, honor lives, it is still real”

The father turned away and waved the boy off with his hand
“I knew that you would be too young to fully understand.
But time will show you I am wise and one day you will see
I will be proven right by selfishness and apathy”

And as the years did pass, Meiyo did search but never found
Proof of honor’s existence, not a glimmer or sound
“Father,” he then said, “I will leave this land and will search
Surely honor must still live, perhaps in a far church?”

“Or maybe in the mountains guarded by the samurai?”
His father slapped Meiyo across the face and thundered, “WHY?”
“Why would you waste all your time when time’s already shown?
Why waste time and effort for something already known?”

Meiyo was silent but his glare spoke volumes, then he walked
Away while father fumed and spat and talked and talked and talked
“If you depart, then don’t come back! You are no son of mine!”
Meiyo tolerated his abuse with grace divine

Though his father had proven that he was quite devoid
Of honor, Meiyo still believed it had not been destroyed
He searched through villages and cities, boroughs, boondocks, towns
And not an ounce of honor was discovered on their grounds

Selfishness and laziness and fear had come to rule
And every time he asked of honor, he was called a fool
“Honor? What is that? A burden! There’s no time for that!
Honor costs far too much sweat!” they told him as they spat

The years went by but Meiyo never gave up, then one day
An elderly woman walked up to him, “Sir, did you say
That you were searching for honor? If so, may I advise
You travel to the mountain and see Kyōshi the Wise”

“Thank you!” Meiyo said and offered what food did remain
Within his bag with gratitude, but woman did abstain
“Thank you, sir, how kind of you, it has been very long
Since I have seen such a gesture, but you’ll need to be strong

For the journey so keep it, all I ask for in return
Is when you find Kyōshi, don’t be shocked by what you learn”
Meiyo bowed and thanked her and he set off towards the peak
He walked until his legs were sore, then walked ‘till they were weak

He walked until they gave out and he collapsed to the ground
And then he clawed with fingers towards that which he was bound
He pulled himself up to the peak and there Kyōshi stood
He kneeled beside Meiyo and pulled back his heavy hood

“Many years have passed since I have seen another soul
What have you come in search of? Tell me, my friend, your goal?”
He poured water on the cracked lips of Meiyo, who then coughed
“Thank you,” Meiyo said weakly, his voice was low and soft

Kyōshi smiled, “Such little strength, and yet you choose to spend
What little does remain on gratitude to a new friend
Save your strength for your question, tell me what you do seek”
Meiyo nodded, then he asked in a voice soft and weak

“Is it true that honor’s dead? Has its time come and gone?”
Kyōshi sat and pondered until the following dawn
“I have the answer that you seek, the answer’s ‘no’ my friend
Though not widespread, the concept has still has not come to an end”

Meiyo asked, “Then where is it? Please point me to the road”
Kyōshi smiled, “How ‘bout I show the source from which it flowed?”
Meiyo sprang to his feet, strength restored, he called “Please do!”
Wise Kyōshi pointed at Meiyo and said, “It’s you”


4 Responses to “Meiyo’s Quest”

  1. jampope17 March 10, 2015 at 6:36 pm #

    What a wonderfully constructed tale and a great message in that. I love it when poetry can tell a story like this. Thank you for sharing!

    • Miro March 10, 2015 at 10:59 pm #

      Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. jampope17 March 10, 2015 at 6:46 pm #

    Reblogged this on The Fenixx Nest and commented:
    I need to create a separate page for poems i reblog. This one is amazing.

  3. Sue Dreamwalker March 14, 2015 at 11:30 am #

    Miro, you excelled yourself in this wonderful poetic tale… I savoured ever word and it was my honour to read it.. _/\_

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