Love Thy Enemy?

30 Dec

Love Thy Enemy?

I’ve seen a couple folks who feel their spirit has been roused
Their inner Warrior’s awakened as my writes were browsed
They warn how all those before them should beware what’s to come
They threaten others because “A Warrior I have become!”
How sad and misguided to have missed the point so badly
Yes, enemies must be fought…but do not do so madly
Yes, a sneer may don your lips and teeth bared with true grit
But deep inside the heart, nothing but pure love should emit
Posturing and performance may be required to
Dissuade the ignorant normals who know not what they do
But deep inside where no one sees, there must be empathy
There must be courage to admit, “I love my enemy”
To say “I understand you even if I don’t condone”
To say “It hurts me to do this, your pain is not alone”
A Warrior is so plugged in, connected, so aware
That though sometimes they inflict pain, to do so causes wear
It is a choice that’s made with great deliberation since
To cause pain to another person causes SELF to wince
Most who have not awakened don’t suffer the effects
Right away, the “guilt” or “conscience” takes some time to flex
But truly what we should call this is “Empathy” my friends
And if you are a human being, there’s no way to cleanse
You are connected to them all, both loved ones and your foes
And you can’t start an argument or have it come to blows
And “win” because your foe incurred more hurt than you sustained
That is why after the rush, eventually you’re drained
‘Cause even the most self-absorbed, egoic person feels
Empathy for all those villains, scoundrels, tricksters, heels
Try your best to hate them, you will fail no matter what
And that’s because you’re here to LOVE, it’s programmed in your gut
So when you feel like talking tough about how they will pay
Be sure to take a moment and mention your own dismay
Perhaps if you would ponder self-destruction, you’d relent
You wouldn’t be so quick to fight a years-long argument
Let it go and wish them well, there’s no battle to “win”
Instead focus all of your strength on the great war within


7 Responses to “Love Thy Enemy?”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker March 14, 2015 at 11:55 am #

    Miro you will never know how this poem spoke to me… And how your words echoed within my own heart.. My own dilemma of War and the pain and suffering, and knowing we came to experience both worlds of Joy and Pain..
    Seeing both sides of such can be a hard lesson, but Those who create war those who hate have only the absence of Love..

    This post encompasses often my inner turmoil, of feeling others pain, and trying not to judge those who deal in death..
    We are ALL of us ONE within our experience.. and throughout many of my posts I try to teach what we think we create..
    So many give little thought to their ‘Thoughts’ and the Inner World that creates the Outer World.. We get back the reflection we send out….
    The World is a Mirror.. And the mistrust, the confusion the control and greed are mirrors of our own thoughts..
    When we learn to be at peace within, learn to live in harmony, forgive, tolerate, and care… So too will our Outer World then reflect back these same emotions.

    Being empathic , Feeling, and caring, can often at least for me, at times be hard in overcoming.. Learning to detach is often something I think I have achieved, and then as I see Humanities pain, I feel the bruises as if they were my own..

    This Miro has to be one of your very best pieces in my eyes.. Mainly for me for it touched my core….
    I recently wrote a poem Warning: What I am about to say on a post the other week.. it aroused a lot of comments, Some didn’t comment because they later told me they only wish to spread Light.. But Like I said, Sometimes we need to see the darkness in order to put right that which is wrong..

    May I repost This Post Miro?.. For it needs more to hear your words ..

    Blessings Sue

    • Miro March 21, 2015 at 8:16 am #

      Hi Sue! Thanks for the wonderful response. Glad to hear it resonated so powerfully with you. Of course you can repost! Remember, when it comes to inspiring or enlightening others, a Warrior’s credo is not, “May I?” It’s, “Try to stop me!” 🙂

      • Sue Dreamwalker March 21, 2015 at 11:44 am #

        Bless you Miro.. and THANK YOU.. 🙂 x

  2. Rajagopal July 18, 2015 at 4:22 am #

    Just read and listened to your words of eternal wisdom, Miro, of the futility of rushing towards imaginary windmills and, instead, of the greater need to focus on the war within. Once again, many thanks to Sue for being signpost to your site, and best wishes to you..

  3. silentlyheardonce July 19, 2015 at 11:40 am #

    Another powerful piece. There was an accident a few days ago. An 18 year old crashed into a family’s car. Killing the father and two children. The mother survived. The kid left the scene of the crime but later turned himself in. Yes I feel bad for the mother who lost her family. But the young man is going through his own suffering. He made a mistake that he will probably have to pay for, for the rest of his life. But all anyone can see is the family’s suffering.

    • Miro July 19, 2015 at 12:59 pm #

      Empathy doesn’t pick and choose, and tragedies can’t be compared to each other. Suffering isn’t a competition. I’m pleased to see that you think with empathy and awareness and aren’t swayed by society’s typical programming of black and white thinking.

  4. VLG October 23, 2015 at 4:12 am #

    Reblogged this on The Halau.

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