5000 Years

17 Dec

5000 Years

“I’m so appalled” and “I’m so shocked!” “I can’t believe my eyes!”
5000 years of history, yet billions are unwise
5000 years we have put pen to paper to record
Killing, anger and hatred yet so many are floored
Another car bomb goes off and another school shot up
The flock of sheep cry out, “GOD NO!” The Warrior says, “Yup”
Because the Warrior’s attention span is very sharp
Laser focus does prevent egoic need to harp
About the evils of the world, the Warrior has seen
The future right there written on the bright computer screen
It’s written in the history books, it’s told about in tales
On silver movie screens just how empathy always fails
EGO is the answer, now and then, forever more
EGO is the explanation to things you abhor
And since you do not recognize your own ego within
You gasp and *tisk* and hands tremble at other people’s “sin”
But if you were to recognize that parasite inside
If you shined the spotlight and no longer let it hide
You’d see quite clearly why such acts have been done all along
“I want, I want, I WANT, I WANT!” the ego’s classic song
Just think about how when you don’t get what you want, you’re mad
You’re frustrated, you’re angry, empathy goes down a tad
You didn’t gain so ego wants a balance, “They must pay!”
And so it inflicts suffering and misery, dismay
Vain attempts to set things right, it’s rage that spreads more rage
And onlookers get all upset and help to spread the phage
Take a lesson from the Warriors, the Zen masters
Tibetan monks and Samurai and rare Christian pastors
All filled with peace and grace who aren’t controlled, instead they own
Their feelings and emotions, never whine or gasp or groan
5000 years of history, yet so few pay attention
And act as if each tragedy requires apprehension
Spinning wheels and spitting drama, heads buried in sand
Unwilling to accept the truth, refuse to understand
“It’s too depressing! It’s too dark! I can’t live on this Earth!”
Then I suggest you grab your sword and let go of the mirth


One Response to “5000 Years”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker December 21, 2014 at 1:31 pm #

    Brilliant!… it seems we are slow learners and repeat constantly the same mistakes.. over and over and over…

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