The Last Warrior

10 Dec

The Last Warrior

I am legend, I am myth, I am fable, lore
I’m a relic from a long forgotten civil war
A battle that took place within, a conflict that’s been lost
Forfeited in favor of one with a lower cost
I am last to step forward, be silent, stare in eyes
Instead of take a step backward and emit threatening cries
I am out of place amid the shruggers and aloof
My faith clashes with doubters who demand they see some proof
My nerves of steel and iron will is no longer employed
In this current human design, my mould has been destroyed
In favor of one with great fear, great worry, great desire
The pouring is quite comfortable, they no longer use fire
The liquid is allowed to sit until it “feels like it”
And then it’s carefully eased out the “Normals Starter Kit”
No hammer, no forge, no flame, just ease and joy and fun
And when things go awry, they freeze with fear and shock and stun
I am last to not be shocked, to never be surprised
I am outcast, exile, misunderstood, despised
The thief believes all steal from him, and so too do the weak
Believe all others should hide from challenges with a squeak
I am not a light or beacon, just shameful reminder
That uncovering your inner strength won’t come from being kinder
I am sacrifice and sweat, I am the price too high
I don’t make much sense because I’m not afraid to die
I let go instead of cling, yet passion’s in my veins
No selfish desires, I am last who tries and trains
I’m the last to disagree, to reject what they do
If I search soul for answers and find it to not be true
I don’t smoke and I don’t drink and don’t eat tortured meat
And I don’t care what others do, I don’t try to compete
I am the last Warrior and Earth’s a lonely place
Perhaps the reaper will provide a trip to outer space 😉


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