Take It Back

22 Nov

Take It Back

We’re given a life that is free from all strife
When our mothers gives birth but it soon loses worth
Over years from decisions of not chasing visions
Of abandoning goals and allowing our souls
To grow too complacent, focus too much on rent
And material things which just emptiness brings
And then one day we see that we’re no longer free
Our lives have been taken by those who have shaken
The truth from our hearts and imposed shallow parts
Saying money and praise is for what we should craze
This Warrior comes to bang on battle drums
And to give battle cry: “Take it back ‘fore you die!”
“Take your life back from them! All their concepts condemn!
All their fierce competition and their golden ambition!
All their status and bragging leaves your compassion lagging
All their feeding of pride only serves to misguide
Shut out all the noise and regain your true poise
It is time to wage war on the concept of “more”
On the things they’ve told us: that we should cause a fuss
Whenever we can’t achieve what will enchant
Come full circle to the truth that you once knew
Before they all took your true joy with their hook
Let go selfishness and all of the stress
Take your life back and live for your true purpose: to give”


2 Responses to “Take It Back”

  1. Eric Tonningsen November 22, 2014 at 1:26 pm #


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