Loving Sinners

6 Nov

Loving Sinners

Every time I speak of gays, some sheep recites this tripe:
“Love the sinner, hate the sin!” I guess I “love” this type
Of person who is so close-minded to call love a sin
Simply because both participants have hair on chin
Or simply because both have boobs, this old line now bores me
No, it’s not sin to approve homosexuality
But these same people who “love sinners” always do forget
It is a sin to be angry, to worry and to fret
It is a sin to be fearful, to have no faith or hope
It is a sin to be weak and to not show strength and cope
It is a sin to not have empathy for those unlike
Yourself, a sin that’s just as grave as those of the Third Reich
All these people who “love sinners,” well I love them too
Despite their cowardice, their apathy and hate they spew
I love each moron, imbecile, each idiot, each coward
Despite their sins of ignorance which they freely devoured
I love them even though they never questioned why they’re taught
To hate, to disapprove, condemn without the slightest thought
Without searching within their heart and soul for what’s the truth
I love each one of these “sinners” who think it is uncouth
To be so close to someone else that it feels like two hearts
Beat as one but it’s a “sin” if they share private parts
So for all those who “love gay sinners,” well I love you more
Despite your fear and ignorance and how you do ignore
Your innate trait of empathy which shows you what is true
I love you despite all your sins, although I don’t LIKE you 🙂


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