4 Nov
PushedDid you push yourself today when ego said “I’m tired”?
Did you do what you needed instead of what’s desired?
Did you sacrifice your sweat in order to be stronger?
Did you strain and breathe harder in order to last longer?
Did you lodge a hard, swift kick right onto your own ass?
Or did you take it easy, just sit back and smoke some grass?
Did you put your feet up and take a big swig of beer
And turn on the TV and ask others to bring you cheer?
Did you sit and just consume and hope it all works out?
And then when the shit hits the fan all you will do is pout?
Because when you had chances to forge your mind into steel
All you did was take it easy and eat a big meal
Have a couple drinks, some smokes and try to feel so good
While being stressed out because things aren’t going as they should
Accountability is hard for people who don’t push
It’s much easier to blame others while sitting on your tush
The Warrior is pushed from all directions, but it pales
To their own push and that is why a Warrior prevails
‘Cause nothing that life has to throw can ever match the force
A Warrior uses to keep him or herself on course
“I wish I had your patience,” many normals tell the one
In one hundred, perhaps they would if they neglected fun
And comfort, ease, and luxury for focus and resolve
The Warrior’s not born this way, they’re built, forged and evolve
With pushes every single day, each hour, minute, second
The push is why the Warrior is one with to be reckoned


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