1 Nov


Someone says something that’s rude and puppets get upset
Something racist, ignorant, or a violent threat
Thoughtless words spoken by someone who just doesn’t care
And equally mindless puppets then feel their ego flare
“He said this!” and “She did that!” the puppets justify
“He can’t get away with this! What he said was a lie!”
The puppets fail to recognize the pulling of their strings
They think it is okay to lose control when ego stings
They think when their feelings get hurt, it’s natural to vent
They think every horrific act is a chance to lament
Puppets dancing on their strings, their egos all controlled
By puppet masters who are cruel, selfish, afraid and cold
The Warrior has long since cut those strings above their head
The Warrior does not look on in shock, anger or dread
The Warrior’s emotionless while puppets sigh and gasp
The Warrior does process, analyze, discern and grasp
For no one influences the emotions of the one
In one hundred who won’t allow their grace to come undone
People shot? Children died? Animals tortured too?
Pain and suffering and madness? So what else is new?
The puppets dance the same old dance and never do catch on
Same old roller coaster ride of emotions (*big yawn*)
The Warrior sheds tears as well, the bored variety
They’ve recognized the pattern of this mad society
And have chosen to abstain from the same old puppet dance:
An angry jig, offended shuffle and an outraged prance


One Response to “Puppets”

  1. Nandini at 7:13 am #

    Truth in a poetic way, excellent.

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