Lost Cause

30 Oct

Lost Cause

They say to never give up on those who mean much to you
But it is often black or white thinking that “they” will spew
They say it without pondering, without a real deep thought
Without discernment or judgment, they tell you that you ought
To cling and never let go, never lose hope, always try
That everyone can be redeemed, to never say goodbye
Recognize this as attachment and is ego’s doing
The truth is that there are many friendships not worth pursuing
If you are filled with drive and hope, with passion and you push
Yourself to reach your own potential, not sit on your tush
If you are 1-in-100, then you must now accept
Many of the people that you know aren’t as adept
They’ll say that you think that you’re “better,” and that just reveals
Just how poorly they misunderstand all your ideals
They’ll say “superiority complex” but won’t admit
The sacrifices you have made in order to get fit
The sacrifices of ego you’ve made to open mind
And spirit, sacrifices that most people tend to find
Too uncomfortable, painful, awkward, far too much work
“You think you’re better!” they accuse while calling you a jerk
Don’t waste your breath on these people, for they are a lost cause
Their ego blinds them from your feats and just envisions flaws
It may not sound like an empowering message from me
But there is no hope for the ones who have no empathy
If they can’t walk a mile in your sacrificing shoes
If they cannot recognize the price of all your views
If your payment for all your strength and wisdom doesn’t jive
If they are not inspired by how you conquer and thrive
It’s time to tell the masses, “No, that doesn’t work for me”
Sever strings and cut them loose, of their ego be free
You’re not a savior and cannot place burden on yourself
To single-handedly improve another person’s health
Emotions or mental well-being, that’s a battle they
Must wage themselves just like you have, so here’s a new cliché:
Give up on the scared, the weak, the hopeless, the pathetic
Do so with strength, grace and poise, don’t be apologetic
And do not carry any guilt because if there’s a spark
Inside of them, your adamance might push them to embark
On the same solitary march of self-discovery
Give up on those lost causes…and then just wait and see


One Response to “Lost Cause”

  1. Maria Freeman October 31, 2014 at 9:19 pm #

    So nicely put.. it’s like you saw what I was thinking.. thank you for putting it to words.😊

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