Spread The Fear

23 Oct

Spread the Fear

The radio turns on to wake you for the next work day
The first thing that you hear is how the world is in dismay
People being run over by cars that fled the scene
Another child missing and another murdered teen
A cop shot down by bad guys while making an arrest
Right between the eyes and then a couple in the chest
Earthquakes tearing buildings down and storms that loom ahead
The more you tune in to the grief the more the fear is spread
It slowly crawls off of the page, TV, or radio
And creeps into your mind where it will never cease to grow
Countries warring with each other, “What if it spreads here?”
Economy is crashing, “I’ll lose all things I hold dear!”
And more you fear, the more you’ll tune back into the fear vendors
Hoping that someone will rise to become our defenders
Surprise, surprise, there’s just more fear, there’s just more ache and dread
Just more reasons to stay home and not get out of bed
At some point you have to admit that what they’re dolling out
Is no different than a drug that you snort up your snout
Tuning in to hear the constant destruction and death
Makes you just like a junkie who’s addicted to meth
You’ve snorted, shot up and smoked it so long that now you’re hooked
“A car crash on the 401? Ah, now I’m feeling cooked”
“I’ve gotta see the news tonight! Some kid got knifed at school!”
And when that story’s done, you’ll wait for the next piece that’s cruel
I turned my news off long ago when it was clear to me
That every venue in the news reported “balance free”
They focused more on fear and dread and less on things with hope
Their business is in dealing their despair inducing dope
I know this for a fact because I put them to the test
Recently when I embarked an altruistic quest
I set out to raise funds and hope for cancer patients who
Are battling a bigger fear than news could ever brew
Some local papers said to me “We’ll think about it some”
Guess they needed time to try to spin it as more glum
And others, no response at all. Not interested in hope
More concerned with spreading fear than helping patients cope
Same goes for the TV stations, all except for one
Not enamoured with the tale since there’s no smoking gun
Point proven both to myself and hopefully to you
About the kind of message that the newsman likes to spew
You won’t find hope or strength or faith when you go turn that dial
All they want to dispense is all of their fearful bile
Stop the spread and tune out from the news that does no good
The stories that discourage you from seeing things that could
Set your mind at ease and rouse your passion and your nerve
To realize the greatest purpose in life is to serve
The fear wants you to stay inside and keep serving their needs
Listening to their commercials bringing them proceeds
The fear will keep you in your house, curled up in a scared ball
Only when you turn it off can you start walking tall


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