Open Your Eyes

21 Oct

Open Your Eyes

You cannot see with both eyes closed, yet this is what most do
They try to take control of their own lives, but block their view
Whenever they see sacrifices that have to be made
How is change going to occur if the work is delayed?
How can you improve if training always starts “Tomorrow?”
How can you show grace, acceptance side by side with sorrow?
How can you complain about all that which does annoy
And still expect to face the challenge and conquer, destroy?
How can you quit cigarettes if you still reach for one
Each time you’re stressed instead of going for a run?
How can you be positive if all you do is whine?
How can you be fearless if you do not show some spine?
I see so many paradoxes walking all around
People with their eyes covered and much too tightly wound
Claiming, “Things are gonna change!” but then do the same thing
Open eyes, stare fearlessly and see what that does bring


Speak up, fellow Warrior!

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