Love Talk

16 Oct

Love Talk

Seems the subject that most people love to talk about
Is love itself, perhaps because the world is in a drought
Pictures, quotes and songs about love spread like wildfire
The funny thing is most of it is not “love” but “desire”
Wanting, needing, lusting is often confused with love
“You’re my soulmate! You’re my dream! You’re all I can think of!”
This, my friends is not true love, it’s selfish at the heart
For true love has no ego core, a true love stands apart
It’s not fragile, not delicate, not easy to offend
True love doesn’t break or snap, it doesn’t even bend
For true love is pure empathy, to be another person
To understand their thoughts and feelings, even as they worsen
True love doesn’t say, “How rude!” or “How could you do this?”
True love simply says, “I know, I accept, I dismiss”
The normals give their roses, chocolates, cards and think they show
Love with all these little gifts, but most will never know
Empathy’s the biggest gift of love that one can give
Empathy: to sacrifice own ego to forgive
Empathy: to care more for another’s joy than own
Empathy: to give more of oneself than what’s been shown
The normals swoon as hearts beat fast and cheeks blush bright and red
Bless their hearts, they think it’s love and don’t see what’s ahead
Most never recognize that love is not euphoric state
That typically such an extreme will often lead to hate
Love is steady, love is balanced, steadfast and unswayed
Love is bold and brave, engaging, gallant, unafraid
Love is not emotional, it’s resolute and firm
Love is not an effort, love is not for a set term
True love is a state of mind and not reserved for one
If you do not love them all, the truth is you love none



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