7 Oct


Grey hairs are a fact of life, there’s no reason to fret
With each new strand that has no hue I never get upset
I don’t see them as representing that I’m getting older
Instead they are a testament that I am growing bolder
Just as weathering will score a proven tank in battle
The silver strands that grace my temples show that I won’t rattle
Ashen stubble on my chin is no concern of mine
It just means that when trouble comes I bear instead of whine
Greys are badges from the years of having persevered
With every strand of pigment lost, there’s one less thing I’ve feared
Why would someone go and use some dye to hide the fact
That they’ve survived and proceed to withstand the world’s impact?
Salt and pepper is a way of telling everyone
That the battle’s half way through and so far you have won
The amount of greys that you have on your head directly shows
That when the going got real tough, your Warrior arose
For grey’s the color of a fighter, one who won’t back down
The prize for bearing through it all: a granite tinted crown
I’m thankful that as years go by my dark mane changes tone
That both my hairdo and resolve together tint to stone
So next time you see greys peak out from within your fine locks
Don’t fret over losing youth, embrace your silver fox
It’s the color of experience, clarity and poise
Leave the red and blonde and brown for little girls and boys


One Response to “Grey”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker October 7, 2014 at 7:43 am #

    Brilliant Miro…. each strand gained wisdom! 🙂 Enjoy your week my friend

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