2 Oct


When I was young, I was bullied for many different things
Most of which I could not help, I felt their barbs and stings
Because I had a funny name, because I was too fat
Because when my mom bought my clothes she had to ensure that
They were the cheapest possible because money was tight
It was a blessing in disguise because I learned how sight
Was the deciding factor of most simple little brains
Soon the stinging of their words caused very little pains
It forced me to then recognize what causes such an act
To bully someone else shows that IN BULLY something’s lacked
Perhaps they don’t have enough love, perhaps not enough care
Or maybe worst of all is that they simply aren’t aware
I see so many campaigns on how bullies must be stopped
But when dealing with these bullies, it seems most people opt
To keep their distance and behave in the same detached way
Black and white opinions, same as bullies do display
What took the power of bullies away for young Miro
Was that I took a step forward and awful truth did show
The bully is not a monster, they are a tortured soul
They hate themselves and try to tear down others to feel whole
They’re disappointed in themselves for not standing apart
They are diseased, a cancer eats away at their cold heart
They’re filled with fear of rejection and sacrifice such traits
As empathy and understanding just to please their mates
Friends who are as tortured as the bully is as well
All these self-hating wretches who writhe in their own hell
I see so many techniques on how to deal with these blokes
Some throw punches, some tattle and some deflect with jokes
No one taught me my technique, I found it on my own
I walked toward the bully, stepped into their comfort zone
And said, “I see you, recognize, I feel how much you loathe
Yourself and how you try to cope by saying that I clothe
Myself in silly garments and how my shape is too wide
Your words have no effect because I see that you have cried
I recognize the emptiness behind your lifeless eyes
I see the desperation through your sarcastic disguise”
My words are never meant to hurt, it’s simply truth I speak
And more often than not, my words make the bully quite meek
Some will try to laugh it off, a quite common defense
I just tell them, “In a few hours my words will all make sense”
Because when there’s no “enemy” around, the bully will
Turn all that hatred inward on themselves and then feel ill
Perhaps for “Bully Victims” that may give some peace of mind
Nothing bullies say to you will rip and tear and grind
Away at you as much as all these bullies self-destroy
Frustrating? No, bullies aren’t people who do annoy
They’re simply tragic cowards flailing madly in the dark
It takes a Warrior to strike with truth and hit the mark


3 Responses to “Bullies”

  1. Andy Oldham October 2, 2014 at 10:23 pm #

    Very well said my friend. I never forget those days of being bullied. Thanks!

  2. Sue Dreamwalker October 6, 2014 at 6:06 am #

    Yes Miro, your words speak truth.. My Son was bullied in school because he had Ginger hair.. Yet he never told me until he was much older and left school.. When I asked him why.. He said !it was my problem Mum, and you just learn to ignore them, you have to feel sorry for them as they are really pathetic”.. I never forgot his attitude..

    Your strength as a youngster also has shaped who you are today.. 🙂 Kudos ..

  3. hispromiseistrue October 16, 2014 at 2:39 pm #

    I an VERY anti bully and your words are so very true. Most of the bullies really just need a friend.

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