When To Let It Slide

28 Sep

When To Let It Slide

Yes, I often say “Speak up!” and beat upon your chest
Point a finger and make sure selfishness is addressed
But sometimes there is just no point, it is a waste of breath
Some people are just too entrenched and set in ways ‘till death
The question many ask is how they’ll know which one is which
Speaking for myself, it’s when I feel a little itch
I see a little glimmer or I hear a little spark
Something in the person tells me their heart’s not all dark
In contrast, there are people who are rotten through and through
Give them one hundred chances and they’ll disappoint you
They’re too wrapped in seeking ease, comfort, luxury, rest
They are not worth the time or effort that you could invest
In other people who have hope, potential, hidden grace
It will be obvious to you who doesn’t have a trace
I’ve found the ones who are without a hope to be as rare
As Warriors and that’s the only way that they compare
Let it slide and save your strength for battles with a cause
Hopeless people have no wish to improve on their flaws


One Response to “When To Let It Slide”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker October 6, 2014 at 5:47 am #

    Yes some will never change despite the many chances to alter.. So we just have to allow them to wallow and live in the mud they have created..

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