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29 Sep


I have a muse, someone who sparks my creativity
Her strength and grace always reminds of all that I can be
His “Never say die!” attitude has inspired countless rhymes
Her courage when all others ran invigored umpteen times
When I sit with my feather quill in hand and have no thoughts
To write, it takes just one thought of this muse, then I have lots
I’ve written hundreds of poems and feel I’ve only scratched
The surface of the wisdom that this muse of mine has hatched
So many writers whine about the “Writer’s Block” which halts
Their creativity but my muse blasts right though those vaults
In case you’re wondering, my muse is not some buxom blonde
Nor is it some tough athlete, my muse goes far beyond
A crush or hero worship of some someone who’s flesh and bone
My muse is a concept of “Warrior” who does not moan
Who walks into the fire when the normals turn and run
Who dares the reaper every time while others search for fun
The 1 in 100 who stands apart from all the rest
Who does not see things as problems, instead to them; a test
The Warrior, a concept that is not far out of reach
A muse that demands sacrifice from me so they can teach
Endless inspiration in exchange for all my fear
Endless faith in myself if I choose to not adhere
To the majority who whine, who cry, who all complain
Who live for shortcuts and are terrified of sweat and pain
I make these sacrifices gladly for my muse’s light
Fear for courage, doubt for faith and feebleness for might


When To Let It Slide

28 Sep

When To Let It Slide

Yes, I often say “Speak up!” and beat upon your chest
Point a finger and make sure selfishness is addressed
But sometimes there is just no point, it is a waste of breath
Some people are just too entrenched and set in ways ‘till death
The question many ask is how they’ll know which one is which
Speaking for myself, it’s when I feel a little itch
I see a little glimmer or I hear a little spark
Something in the person tells me their heart’s not all dark
In contrast, there are people who are rotten through and through
Give them one hundred chances and they’ll disappoint you
They’re too wrapped in seeking ease, comfort, luxury, rest
They are not worth the time or effort that you could invest
In other people who have hope, potential, hidden grace
It will be obvious to you who doesn’t have a trace
I’ve found the ones who are without a hope to be as rare
As Warriors and that’s the only way that they compare
Let it slide and save your strength for battles with a cause
Hopeless people have no wish to improve on their flaws


They Will Hate You

27 Sep

They Will Hate You

I make no promises other than this one
To everyone who follows the warrior’s long run:
They will hate you
If you choose to be honest and stand up for what’s right
You will draw all their anger, their selfishness and spite
They will hate you
If you won’t sacrifice your own integrity
Just to make them happy, this I will guarantee:
They will hate you
If you won’t fire back with anger, loathing, hate
If you will not reflect the scorn that they create
They will hate you
If you make them all feel inferior because
You refuse to act the way a hater does
They will hate you
If you show grace, control and aren’t as sensitive
As the one that hates and unlike them, forgive
They will hate you
But when you have withdrawn your light from their dark cave
And left them all alone to their malice, a slave
To only be surrounded by others just as dark
And wallowing in grief without even a spark
When posturing and ego no longer come in play
And they are all alone this truth will haunt their day:

They will miss you


Fear’s Cure

26 Sep

Fear’s Cure

Anxiety, anxiety, “It’s going to be so bad!”
“This stressful thing is going to make this the worst day I’ve had!”
So many people tell themselves and others who will hear
They hope someone will hold their hand and help them conquer fear
Perhaps if they spent more time reaching for that fear’s thin throat
And squeezing the life out of it, instead of cry, they’d gloat
“I am a conqueror! I faced my fear right in the eye!
I risked it all and told it that one of us now will die!”
I am a Warrior because a thousand times I’ve faced
My fears head-on and not once did my fears lay me to waste
Turn off your worried mind and don’t lament of what may be
Instead put one foot forward, then the other, and be free
Of what torments so many others, fear of pain or death
A Warrior is not afraid of breathing their last breath
And so each monster, tragedy, each storm and act of God
Is merely an illusion, it is all just fear’s facade
A weak, pathetic attempt to discourage and deceive
Futile attempts to make the faithful not believe
“I will not die, I will survive, I’ll thrive, I will endure”
Putting one foot forward is the Warrior’s Fear-Cure


The Other Cheek

13 Sep


The Other Cheek

by Miro


They get upset because they have

Been jerked around too long

They lose their cool and temper and

Complain about what’s wrong


And others trying to help them

Stand up for them as well

They say “Well, they’ve been through a lot

For them it’s been pure hell!”


And so the cycle of anger

Perpetuates itself

It spreads, gets justified and only

Erodes all our health


Then a Warrior steps up

And says “Enough of this”

“All which makes you so irate?

You will let go! Dismiss!”


The angry legions still hold on

They think they’re hurt so bad

They think they’re justified in being

Frustrated and mad


But Warrior again speaks up

And reminds of a man

Who said to turn the other cheek

Was the most divine plan


This man, this Warrior, this son

Of God said if you’re slapped

You are not justified at all

If your rear-end gets chapped


He said you should not get upset

Instead, you should invite

Another slap and accept it

With grace and peace and light


The good Lord said to turn your cheek

So please explain to me

How getting angry and upset

To an irate degree


Is the allowed response whenever

Something is so bleak?

We cry “No more!” when God’s own son

Said, “Here’s the other cheek”

Let’s Roll

11 Sep

“Are you guys ready? Okay, let’s roll!”  ~Todd Beamer, Warrior aboard United Airlines Flight 93

Let’s Roll

It’s been some years since terrorists
Hijacked the planes and crashed
Two of them into buildings
And left our spirits dashed

I’m not going to focus there
The news is sure to dwell
On the sorrow and heartache
Of that pure living hell

Instead I want to talk about
A Warrior that day
Named Todd Beamer who kept his cool
Amid all the dismay

A husband and a father of
Two boys, David and Drew
And Morgan Kay, the little girl
That Beamer never knew

On 9-11, Todd was on
United 93
The fourth plane that was taken by
The terroristic spree

He made a call on his cell phone
And somehow he got through
To someone and informed them of
What he was going to do

He spoke with Lisa Jefferson
Recited the Lord’s Prayer
And then spoke of Psalm 23
To make us all aware

That he was not afraid to die
His faith gave him the strength
And the courage to fight back
To go to any length

To walk through the valley of death
To endure through its shadow
To let go of the fear of what
Awaited him below

He rallied other passengers
To stand up and reclaim
The aircraft from the terrorists
When he did exclaim:

“Are you guys ready?” he asked them
And then he said “Let’s roll”
Leading them up to the cabin
To rush the console

I wonder how many there were
Just paralyzed with fear
Who stayed there in their seats and wished
That they could disappear

Beamer and the ones who rushed
The cabin showed to me
That every single one of us
In life is a trainee

They showed that we do not rise to
What expectations are
Instead we fall to level of
All our training so far

The ones who stood up with courage
Were Warriors before
They set foot on that plane that day
And it took off to soar

They didn’t have a sudden transformation
And become
Heroes, the reason that they
Did not to fear succumb

Is simply ‘cause they didn’t fall
To fear before that day
They dealt with problems with courage
Which is the Warrior’s Way

They trained to deal with turmoil
And that’s why Todd kept calm
We’re told that he sounded at peace
As he recited Pslam

Every single thing you do
In your life greatly matters
It decides if your resolve
Will hold or if it shatters

We must remember not just that
He was a hero there
We should recall what made him that
What gave him strength to bare

It should inspire all of us
To try harder, to train
To bring along that courage as
We set foot on that plane

Todd’s words inspired soldiers who
Were sent to fight the foe
“Let’s roll” became their battle cry
To let the rivals know

That they had trained to have courage
They trained their strength and calm
They’ll keep their cool with whizzing bullets
Or a ticking bomb

Do not dwell just on the death
And two buildings destroyed
Although so tragic, this story
Of hope is not devoid

Focus on the hero who
Stood up to take control
The courage to fear no evil
And calmly said “Let’s roll”

      for Todd Beamer and the heroes
                             of United Airlines Flight 93

The Warryor

3 Sep

Inspired by William Blake’s “The Tyger


The Warryor

Warryor! Warryor! burning bright
In the concrete jungle’s night
What immortal eye or hand
Made normals fall while you still stand?

In what distant skies or deeps
Burnt the fire which still keeps
Thee moving forward while those less
Crawl and cry and beg He bless?

What Creator could make both?
One for wither, one for growth
How could He create one scared
While other’s teeth are always bared?

What the feather? What the sword?
Where was all thy courage stored?
How did He who made such mice
Make such a fearless device?

When the stars threw down their pain
And failed to make thee go insane
Did He smile to see His art?
Do His cowards now break His heart?

Warryor! Warryor! burning bright
In the concrete jungle’s night
What immortal eye or hand
Now dare bless thee or give command?