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Who’s In Control?

16 Aug

Who’s In Control?

“God is in control!” they say
With that, I disagree
‘Cause fear and selfishness and hate
Is mostly what I see

“God is in control!” they say
But still babies are dying
Honourable people suffer
Sweet mothers are crying

“God is in control!” they say
With eyes closed and hands clasped
My meaning’s seldom grasped

It’s misinterpreted to mean
That I am not humble
Very few can translate that

God may be in control of
Matters out of my hands
The creator I’m sure has many
Cosmic-wide demands

But dealing with each drama that
Each person comes across
Is definitely no concern
Of the all-knowing boss

I AM IN CONTROL when something
Threatens how I feel
I do not turn to God to pray
Warriors do not kneel

I AM IN CONTROL when strife
And loss and grief emerge
I confront, embrace, attack
Obliterate and purge

God made me to be so
God did not create a slave race
To just wallow in woe

God gave us each the potential
To have ultimate trust
Within ourselves and our instincts
I so will never thrust

My problems onto God and say
“Please deal with all this shit”
‘Cause I AM IN CONTROL and I
Was made to never quit

Charlie Mike

12 Aug




Charlie Mike

Charlie Mike

There will be times in life when you
Feel that you’re overwhelmed
You’ve suffered too much loss and feel
The wheel cannot be helmed

It starts to rain and won’t ease up
It just proceeds to pour
It’s in those times you should recall
The words of our brave Corps

“Charlie Mike” is what troops say
When plans all go to shit
They do not abort their mission
Instead, they deal with it

“Charlie Mike” from the NATO
Phonetic Alphabet
The letters “C” and “M” declare
It isn’t over yet

And it has carried me through
Times of loss and sorrow when
I knew not what to do

When I could not devise a plan
In face of all the strife
“Charlie Mike’s” the one plan that
Helped me go on with life

When your mind is elsewhere and
You’re too focused on grief
“Charlie Mike” will move your legs
And help turn a new leaf

Regardless of your losses
Even if they’re catastrophic
Keep it simple instead of
Being so philosophic

Take note from our warriors
Adorned in camouflage
“Charlie Mike” no matter how
Persistent the barrage



4 Aug



You look to print to learn the truth
You search and hunt and quest and sleuth
The answers must be written down some place

Someone must have figured out
The answers to all of your doubt
And fear and worry in this stressful place

Someone wise and strong must know
Just how to endure angst and woe
But have you ever asked yourself just where

These wise and strong authors did find
These truths to which you’ve been so blind?
The answers were found where most do not dare

Not in pages filled with words
Not in speeches told to herds
Their answers were discovered deep within

They’re born out of pure confidence
Regardless if it brings offense
Or shocks or causes timid folks chagrin

The soul inside which is equipped
With something that others have whipped
And kicked and tried to beat to death: FREE WILL

A will that says “I disagree
With others and as well as me”
The choice to pass on that drink or that pill

The will to not give in to each
Craving that your mind does beseech
As well as will to stand apart from crowds

Who follow mindlessly and never
Question those who act so clever
Never noticing the blinding shrouds

My answers may not help or save
Because they’re from my own deep cave
They’ve worked for me, now you must do the same

Cut the safety line and search
Within your conscience, not the church
Not self-help gurus with a famous name

Not those who have survived it all
Not ancient legends who stood tall
It’s time to search the one place you’ve ignored

Search your soul and there you’ll learn
Just how to see, hear, feel, discern
The peace you’ve always sought is the reward