Where I Have Been

27 Apr

“Come on in where nightmares are the best part of my day.” ~Ultimate Warrior

Where I Have Been

Many come to me in search
Of inspiration for
All the little things they think
Makes their life feel like “war”

How to deal with asshole bosses
Work which gives them stress
Family that cause them pain
And fears that they possess

I’m asked by them to lead the way
“Teach me, great warrior!
Tell me what I have to do
To make my spirit stir!”

I chuckle at the irony
They ask to show the way
Yet they don’t see that nightmares are
The best part of my day

That now an asshole boss is a
Nice, warm thought I’d embrace
That family who yell and scream
Bring smiles to my face

That fear is something I long for
The days when hands would shake
The days I’d tremble and my stress
At night kept me awake

Fear: a long dead acquaintance
Who with time I now miss
They ask to show the way but it’s
Straight into the abyss

They want to be inspired but
They never focus on
The fact that sitting on a cloud
Did not increase my brawn

That thinking happy thoughts and singing
Bible hymns did not
Give me all the focus, strength
And grace that I have got

“Show the way” they all request
But when I walk them down
Directly to where I have been
They all recoil and frown

“It is so sad! It’s so tragic!”
They all gulp and exclaim
And I respond, “This awful place
Is right where I became

This figure that you think is so
Inspiring, my friend
It’s where I burn and break and tear
And suffer, crack and bend

It’s where I grow and learn, adapt
It’s where I grow stronger
It is my comfort zone now, where
I hope nightmares last longer”

“Gosh” the normals do exclaim
And politely excuse
Themselves and go in search of ways
That have a bit less blues

No worry, I think to myself
I do prefer the peace
And quiet in that dark abyss
Where 1st World Problems cease

One Response to “Where I Have Been”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker May 28, 2014 at 10:44 am #

    So many do not see the road is not smooth, one has to first crush the stones underfoot.. The path is strewn with obstacles but one has to learn to climb them.. The Mountains need climbing so that one can soar..

    Freedom comes from learning to unpick our own shackles, which we lock with our own narrow mindedness in the confines of our own thoughts..
    To become Master, you first have to wax on and wax off . You Miro…. Shine! ….

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