RIP: Rest in Power Utlimate Warrior

9 Apr

Nothing shocks me anymore. It’s part of being “warrior-minded.” I guess it’s fitting that when finally something *did* shock me, or came close, it was another warrior. I’m stunned to learn the passing of one of my most inspiring and beloved mentors, Ultimate Warrior. I’ve posted many of his self-ass-kicking motivational quotes over the years, and to be honest, they usually haven’t received the most overwhelmingly positive reaction. Warrior wasn’t nice. Warrior wasn’t pleasant. Warrior wasn’t warm and cuddly. But despite this, Warrior was my hero. No, not despite. Maybe *because* of these things, he inspired me to not care what the doubters and naysayers thought of me and to instead have the ULTIMATE belief in MYSELF. Saying “I disagree” isn’t a warm, cuddly experience. Sometimes it requires a *snarl* and a pounding of one’s chest. Warriorman taught me that.

I’ll be posting some of my favourite Ultimate Warrior quotes today in honor of the man who ignored the criticism of alcoholics, drug addicts, cowards and lazy people and did battle with the greatest foe known to man: self-doubt, and conquered it in ultimate fashion. Thank you, Warriorman, for exposing Mr. Resistance’s weaknesses.

Respect and love goes out to his wife and daughters.



2 Responses to “RIP: Rest in Power Utlimate Warrior”

  1. Shandra April 9, 2014 at 7:13 pm #

    RIP- Rest In Power. yes, indeed.

  2. thisyearinmusic April 10, 2014 at 9:09 am #

    He could really turn a phrase!

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