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Still Here

18 Feb


Still Here

I am not gone, I’m still around
Despite not making any sound
Sometimes I simply choose to just observe

I watch as fools allow themselves
To be controlled by petty elves
Amazed at how few humans show some nerve

I step back and watch as the masses
Drag their feet slow as molasses
Showing little passion, heart and soul

I listen as many groan, “Deep!”
And waddle on as mindless sheep
Instead of mastering their own control

I watch as many just complain
And claim they are driven insane
While making the excuse, “It’s not that easy!”

The spinelessness, the lack of gall
Propensity to simply bawl
Makes this warrior poet slightly queasy

And if I speak up? Their retort
Is to misunderstand and snort:
“You’re SOOOO judgmental, you simply don’t know!”

These hypocrites all fail to see
The humor and the irony
For most times that I’ve told my tale of woe

Of living with unending pain
Of feeling the spiritual drain
Of burying two babies ‘fore their time

Most normals who have heard my tale
Instead of admitting their fail
Have simply covered ears and said, “You slime!”

“That’s awkward!” “That’s uncomfortable!”
“From my eyes please don’t pull the wool!
To all these fools whose minds are closed air tight

There are no words, there is no speech
That can enlighten, get through, breach
An egotistical mind filled with fright

And so since no words will suffice
Since most ‘enlightenment’s’ not nice
Since it requires listener to stretch

To change, to shift, to turn, adapt
Since my words leave their asses chapped
I’ll just observe the fools as they kvetch

I’ll watch with warrior disgust
As petty problems are all cussed
And their blessings go unseen and unheeded

All those who whine that “Life is hard!”
Will be spared the words of this bard
For fools I know my lyrics are unneeded

                                            ~Miro 🙂