6 Dec

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.” ~Archilochus, Warrior Poet


Today my message isn’t that
I hope you rise to win
I don’t hope you ascend through all
Of life’s strife and chagrin

Instead, I hope you fall, but to
The level of your training
Not to level of normals
Of whining and complaining

Of weakness, laziness and fear
Instead, I hope you fall
To level of a WARRIOR
Of strength and grace and gall

I hope when challenges arise
You fall to a high level
And have accountability
Instead of blaming, “Devil!”

Or other people, fall to what
You’ve always done in past
Rolling up your sleeves instead
Of acting so aghast

I hope you fall to focus, courage
And intensity
Instead of clawing in attempt
To climb pathetically

I hope your muscles swell with strength
And mind is sharp and clear
I hope that when you fall, the ground
Below is very near

‘Cause warriors who train each day
Do not have far to fall
Never shocked or caught off guard
And nothing can appall

A warrior is not afraid
When they’re knocked off their feet
They know they don’t have far to go
Because they are elite

And know it won’t take very long
To get back up and resume
The never-ending battle that
Began back in the womb

And will continue ‘till the day
Eyes close the final time
It’s all about how far you fall
Not how high you can climb


Speak up, fellow Warrior!

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