The Only Time

16 Nov

It’s not very humble of me to say it, but I’m I’m very generous. I was raised to always offer help without waiting to be asked, and never expect anything in return. I’m a gift giver as well, and when I give, I never expect anything in return. HOWEVER, what I’ve observed for most of my life is that a majority of people aren’t immediately accepting of these kinds of gestures of thoughtfulness and caring. Some genuinely didn’t want to inconvenience me by taking up my time (it’s amazing how many people feel as though they’re a burden on others) and the ugly truth is that many of them are too selfish to allow another person to be selfless. One of my best friends growing up was an extremely cheap & selfish person who was always worried about “owing” me whenever I would give a gift such as on a birthday or Christmas, even though I made it clear I expected nothing in return. I’ve come to realize that even if you strive to be selfless and serve others, a lot of people won’t take you up on your gesture, and even discourage it to soothe their own conscience. It’s then and only then that warriors don’t care, and do what they feel in their hearts is right anyway.

The Only Time

The passion of a warrior
Is always paramount
They never utter, “I don’t care”
Except on one account:

Often times when we do go
The extra mile for
Another to do something nice
That person will implore

“You shouldn’t have, I can’t accept
Don’t worry, I decline”
The warrior will not retract
And say, “Ok, that’s fine”

It’s when another won’t welcome
A gesture of goodwill
That warriors say, “I don’t care
I’m offering it still”

The world is filled with selfish people
Who offer so little
Because the few times when we give
Most people just belittle

They don’t appreciate or they
Think the price is too high
The gesture is revoked which leaves
The giver asking “Why?”

“Why should I offer my help?
Why should I strive to dare?
Why should I go out on limbs?
Why should I even care?”

ALWAYS care except for when
Someone won’t let you give
In selfless service is how we
Were all designed to live

The only time we should not care
Is when someone says, “No
I cannot accept this from you
Too much will I then owe

And even if there is no debt
The cost to you’s too great”
A warrior won’t let someone
Diffuse their selfless trait

“I don’t care,” is what they say
Do with it as you please
It’s no concern of mine if my
Caring causes unease

Throw it in the garbage or
Sell it or give away
The gesture’s what’s important, not
The reply that you say”

Many will not let you give
While asking nothing back
Their selfish hearts won’t understand
How you yourself do lack

The need to even up, pay back
To make everything square
So when they try to hold you back
Just tell them, “I don’t care”

5 Responses to “The Only Time”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker November 16, 2013 at 10:21 am #

    I have learnt to allow others the gift of giving… And honour them by accepting their gift with gratitude… I was taught this valuable lesson by my spiritual sister who helped me along my own path many years ago..
    She bought me a small eraser for my artwork… it was only pence in cost… I refused this gesture with saying, “Thank you, but I have several at home..”,
    She said in reply,” So you would offend me by refusing me the pleasure of giving you my gift”….. It brought a lump to my throat… As I saw How I had dismissed the small gift… A lesson well learned, and Never forgotten…

    A truly wonderful Poem with a meaningful Message Miro
    Thank you for its gift!

  2. Eric Tonningsen November 16, 2013 at 2:09 pm #

    “In selfless service…” and from the heart. Little matters more. It’s about what we choose and how we feel about giving and appreciating others – in our own grounded expressions. As always, nice lesson, Miro.

  3. prewitt1970 November 16, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    Wise and generous words, thank you for sharing them.

  4. Francina November 18, 2013 at 5:34 am #

    well conveyed, it’s indeed the thought that count.

    Thank you for your visit and the like!
    Groetjes, Francina


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