There are none like us.

9 Nov

Warriors march on alone…


For a true warrior, training is everything. Our common role in this modern life detracts us from our true path…but through moments of infinite silence, our meditation leads us back to who we are meant to be…. Most men are afraid of venturing that far deep within themselves so as to reach this place. Most are just afraid of being alone… But amidst all these worldly distractions, who has time to recognize and truly appreciate fear, enough so as much to overcome it..if we knew our past, our present would be irrelevant, and our future would be something more desirable….even tangible. But man’s path is set straight to ruin living in this world…. Through privation, we only fully come to understand that we are not denying ourselves but, in fact, making ourselves available to a more adequate fulfillment. One we had lost as mankind for so many years now. It…

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