Be a warrior now.

9 Nov

On The Adventure

“Doing” is the difference between seeing a need and filling a need. It’s the difference between dreaming a dream and living one. It’s the difference between being alive and just sitting there on your ipad waiting for your facebook homepage to reload…

(For those of you who clicked on this blog because it just appeared on your facebook homepage… um, I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking about all the other people who do that.)

You’ve heard me say it before: you were created individually to fulfill the calling that’s inside of you, and when you don’t pursue it, your life doesn’t feel quite right. There are also some universal callings that we all share. We all have a need for love and a desire for belonging. We also, I think, have a need to fight for something.

In the beginning, God told us to “Be fruitful and…

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