Could Be Worse

3 Nov

Complainers are ingrates. They’re cowards for not making the sacrifice of discomfort required to address the problem, and they’re a cancer for spreading their weakness and ingratitude into my air and my brother and sister warriors’ air. Some people seem to think we should tread lightly around these stressed-out people who are always furrowing their brows. I disagree. I think some stepping-on-toes is in order. If someone is complaining about a “first world problem” as I like to call them, such as traffic, slow internet or having their order messed up at a restaurant, it’s important to remind them that it could always be worse, and perhaps even paint a close, intense picture showing how suddenly things could escalate. It’s impossible to complain if you’re too busy giving thanks for what you still have!

Could Be Worse

Before complaint escapes your mouth
One thought should first pervade:
“It could be worse” will help you to
Not feel heavily weighed

“It could be worse” reminds you that
Although things did go south
You still have arms and legs and eyes
A nose and ears and mouth

You still might have a roof above
Your head and food to eat
You still have much to be thankful
For so please be discrete

Whenever you feel like complaining
Since it only serves
To make you sound like an ingrate
And just get on my nerves

Perhaps someone who has no fear
Should step towards all those
Who whine about what they don’t have
And then step on their toes

Perhaps a warrior should face
These complainers and warn
That there is still so much to lose
So much to grieve and mourn

Perhaps it is the duty of
The warrior to show
The weak, lamenting normals that
All of their simple woes

Could be much worse, it could be what
The warrior survived
That forged their iron will that helped them
Conquer, quell and thrive

It could be non-stop pain that threatens
To unravel mind
It could be losing their children
Which left their hearts maligned

It could be any kind of hell
On earth that claims the weak
And makes all of these “first world problems”
Not seem quite as bleak

Perhaps this warrior will take
A step towards the next
Person who does sigh and whine
And cry and acts so vexed

Perhaps this warrior will grind
His boot heel on their toes
And say, “See? It can always be
Much worse, don’t you suppose?”

One Response to “Could Be Worse”

  1. Eric Tonningsen November 3, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

    The words and thought in your preface are spot on and beautiful Expressing gratitude is essential.

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