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28 Nov

“I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes the illness worth while.” ~George Bernard Shaw


This warrior is sick today
Seems that I’ve caught the flu
No, I will not whine and cry
Because the time was due

I have been very grateful for
The health that I’ve enjoyed
One cannot expect life to be
Of sickness devoid

Speaking of your aches and pains
Will not do any good
Your effect on other people
Should be understood

You don’t do yourself or others
Any service if
All you do is moan about
How you are sick and stiff

Always keep in mind that it
Will soon have run its course
Illness isn’t something that
Must be met with remorse

Use it as a chance to see
How much health means to you
Run a little further when
You are over that flu

Walk an extra mile when
You have beaten that cold
Hit the weight room harder when
That fever’s lost its hold

Don’t be so dramatic and
Just cry of agony
Bide your time and be patient
Until you’re illness-free

And when you are, resume your fight
By giving it your all
Sickness isn’t more than just
A momentary stall



Truth, Passion, Laughter & Love

23 Nov



21 Nov


Today I want to talk about
A trait that I can’t stand
Jealousy’s an attribute
We should work to disband

The definition of ‘jealous’
Is to resent someone
Who has acquired some success
While you have received none

A mental unease from suspicion
Shortcoming or fear
Of a so-called rival who is
Actually a peer

“I’m so jealous!” I always hear
People say when they see
Fortune smile on someone else
And all they think is “Me!”

“Why that person and not Me?”
Is what the jealous think
But where’s the jealousy whenever
That rival does sink?

When hardships befall someone else
Where is the green eyed beast?
The jealous just go “Phew!” and think
“It is not Me, at least!”

The common trait of jealousy
Is that it’s all inward
“To think the world does not revolve
Around Me is absurd!”

They think that every stroke of luck
And fortune should be for
Themselves and that is why it is
A trait I do abhor

The jealous don’t say “Kudos!” or
“Congrats on your success!”
While your fruition brings you joy
To them it causes stress

They don’t see the war you have fought
Or hardships you’ve endured
Because they’re still just children
And have not yet matured

“Kid-ults” with a self-absorbed
Concept of everything
Only interested in what
The world to them can bring

“Nevermind the other people
Who walk the Earth too
How can I be happy when
Good fortune smiles on you?”

Next time, please think long and hard
Before you use that term
If you think how it’s defined
It should cause you to squirm

To think about how selfish and
Self-centered it would make
A person who utters that word
And maybe it will wake

The altruist you have within
Who will be happy for
Another person’s happiness
And wish them even more

The Only Time

16 Nov

It’s not very humble of me to say it, but I’m I’m very generous. I was raised to always offer help without waiting to be asked, and never expect anything in return. I’m a gift giver as well, and when I give, I never expect anything in return. HOWEVER, what I’ve observed for most of my life is that a majority of people aren’t immediately accepting of these kinds of gestures of thoughtfulness and caring. Some genuinely didn’t want to inconvenience me by taking up my time (it’s amazing how many people feel as though they’re a burden on others) and the ugly truth is that many of them are too selfish to allow another person to be selfless. One of my best friends growing up was an extremely cheap & selfish person who was always worried about “owing” me whenever I would give a gift such as on a birthday or Christmas, even though I made it clear I expected nothing in return. I’ve come to realize that even if you strive to be selfless and serve others, a lot of people won’t take you up on your gesture, and even discourage it to soothe their own conscience. It’s then and only then that warriors don’t care, and do what they feel in their hearts is right anyway.

The Only Time

The passion of a warrior
Is always paramount
They never utter, “I don’t care”
Except on one account:

Often times when we do go
The extra mile for
Another to do something nice
That person will implore

“You shouldn’t have, I can’t accept
Don’t worry, I decline”
The warrior will not retract
And say, “Ok, that’s fine”

It’s when another won’t welcome
A gesture of goodwill
That warriors say, “I don’t care
I’m offering it still”

The world is filled with selfish people
Who offer so little
Because the few times when we give
Most people just belittle

They don’t appreciate or they
Think the price is too high
The gesture is revoked which leaves
The giver asking “Why?”

“Why should I offer my help?
Why should I strive to dare?
Why should I go out on limbs?
Why should I even care?”

ALWAYS care except for when
Someone won’t let you give
In selfless service is how we
Were all designed to live

The only time we should not care
Is when someone says, “No
I cannot accept this from you
Too much will I then owe

And even if there is no debt
The cost to you’s too great”
A warrior won’t let someone
Diffuse their selfless trait

“I don’t care,” is what they say
Do with it as you please
It’s no concern of mine if my
Caring causes unease

Throw it in the garbage or
Sell it or give away
The gesture’s what’s important, not
The reply that you say”

Many will not let you give
While asking nothing back
Their selfish hearts won’t understand
How you yourself do lack

The need to even up, pay back
To make everything square
So when they try to hold you back
Just tell them, “I don’t care”

The Warrior’s Sacrifice

15 Nov

The Starlit Forest



You emerged alive

You offered your life

In pain and strife.


A simple thank you

Does not suffice

For the gratefulness

Cherished inside.



Danger every day

You cleared the path

You paved the way.



You gave yourself

Stood in the breach

Passed through hell.


What else can I say?

What else can I do

But shake your hand with

Teary eyes and a thank you.

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13 Nov

“I can’t stand it when people quote themselves on the internet when they’re sharing an inspirational quote. It seems so egotistical, insecure and obnoxious to me. If you’ve garnered any type of following on your blog, Twitter, channel, or page, just say whatever the hell you want to say without the quotes. We know who’s saying it. We’re not THAT stupid you know.” ~Miro


The Neverending Battle

11 Nov

Not every war is justified, and not every soldier is there because they want to be. Many of them have been manipulated into bearing arms through fear of repercussions. A true warrior knows that simply having a heartbeat comes with repercussions. Pick your battles wisely, and never fight a battle for someone who wouldn’t pay the price required to fight it themselves.

“My conscious won’t let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America. And shoot them for what? They never called me nigger. They never lynched me. They didn’t put no dogs on me. They didn’t rob me of my nationality. Rape and kill my mother and father. What I’m gonna go shoot them for what? I gotta go shoot them, them little poor little black people and little babies and children and women. How can I shoot them poor people? Just take me to jail!” ~Muhammad Ali

The Neverending Battle

Private Bennings hears three bullets
Whiz right by his head
Two of them hit Jefferson
He falls to the ground, dead

The enemy unleashes a
Salvo of mortar shells
One explodes in front of him
He hears the ringing bells

He tries to find his bearings but
Can’t seem to turn around
He realizes it’s because
Beside him on the ground

Are his two legs as well as an
Arm plus a couple fingers
Though no longer a part of him
Their phantom pain still lingers

He drops back to the ground and looks
Straight up into the sky
He wonders how he wound up here
As he begins to cry

The recruiter had promised him
An education paid
A job, a house, a family
No cause to be afraid

They told him he would be part of
The world’s fighting elite
Unstoppable, invincible
Beyond any defeat

He doesn’t even know what this
Big war is all about
Why was he on the front line?
“I’m just a simple scout”

He closes eyes and whispers, “God
I’m coming home to you
I’m sorry,” and his God replies
“You know not what you do”

The medic rushes forward and
He searches for a pulse
The sight of blood and guts and veins
No longer does repulse

“Hang on,” the medic says although
He knows Bennings is gone
Another wasted man used as
An expendable pawn

“I’m sorry,” Bennings says with his
Last breath and then he dies
The eighth man that he’s lost today
But still the medic cries

“Madness,” medic thinks and he
Scrambles back to the trench
“Madness,” he cries out as rain
And dirt and blood still drench

“All for madness,” medic says
“Disguised as greater cause
All to feed the egos of
The men who make the laws”

He hears another soldier scream
And quickly jumps to feet
A bullet tears right through his heart
He feels his life deplete

“Release,” he thinks as peace and quiet
Wash over his mind
Release from war, from hate, from death
From that which is mankind

“Let them fight their neverending battle
I don’t care”
The medic says as bombs explode
He says a final prayer:

“Dear Lord, it is my final wish
That you forgive this man
For not standing against the ones
Who came up with this plan

Forgive me for not having the
Courage to stand opposed
To men who tell me to kill others
With hearts that are closed

Dear Lord, forgive me for allowing
Haters to lead me
Dear Lord, I give what’s left of this
Tired man unto thee”

The medic dies and the war rages
On ‘till end of time
‘Till birds no longer sing and ‘till
Poets no longer rhyme

It rages ‘cause of fear by men
And women who don’t stand
Against the type of people who
Give “KILL!” as a command

There are none like us.

9 Nov

Warriors march on alone…


For a true warrior, training is everything. Our common role in this modern life detracts us from our true path…but through moments of infinite silence, our meditation leads us back to who we are meant to be…. Most men are afraid of venturing that far deep within themselves so as to reach this place. Most are just afraid of being alone… But amidst all these worldly distractions, who has time to recognize and truly appreciate fear, enough so as much to overcome it..if we knew our past, our present would be irrelevant, and our future would be something more desirable….even tangible. But man’s path is set straight to ruin living in this world…. Through privation, we only fully come to understand that we are not denying ourselves but, in fact, making ourselves available to a more adequate fulfillment. One we had lost as mankind for so many years now. It…

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Be a warrior now.

9 Nov

On The Adventure

“Doing” is the difference between seeing a need and filling a need. It’s the difference between dreaming a dream and living one. It’s the difference between being alive and just sitting there on your ipad waiting for your facebook homepage to reload…

(For those of you who clicked on this blog because it just appeared on your facebook homepage… um, I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking about all the other people who do that.)

You’ve heard me say it before: you were created individually to fulfill the calling that’s inside of you, and when you don’t pursue it, your life doesn’t feel quite right. There are also some universal callings that we all share. We all have a need for love and a desire for belonging. We also, I think, have a need to fight for something.

In the beginning, God told us to “Be fruitful and…

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No Borders

7 Nov

Nothing wrong with loving your country…unless it keeps you from equally loving other countries and the people in them. A warrior never waves a flag against another flag, and a warrior is a nation unto themselves, embracing all other nations without fear or animosity.

No Borders

Though I salute the maple leaf
With gratitude, it’s my belief
That being patriotic is a curse

More times than not, it is used to
Make our hostility ensue
Towards the city or country that’s “worse”

We wave our flags to show our love
While giving foreigners a shove
“My land’s the best! We’ll beat you to the ground!”

These patriots all wave their flag
While shouting, “Asshole!” “Loser!” “Fag!”
And all pretend to be on the same side

But when the “enemy” is gone
Those patriots will all turn on
Each other as more borders do divide

The states split into cities, then
Split into districts, and again
Into a neighbourhood, a street, a house

Soon these former “comrades” will
Be once again without goodwill
As siblings battle as do spouse with spouse

As I watch all these people who
Wave flags to define their own view
I’m thankful that a warrior does not

Subscribe to borders ‘cept for one:
To do the things which must be done
Regardless of the discomfort that’s wrought

I’m not Chinese, Canadian
Not English or American
No country, region, island or atoll

Define me, nor do any men
Or women influence my pen
Who lived before in my spot of this ball

Since borders do not close my mind
I’ve always been able to find
Great mentors from lands that are far away

Like Miyamoto Musashi
Who I hold in highest degree
Even if he did not always say, “Eh?”

Mahatma Gandhi is another
Peaceful great warrior brother
Even if he never wore much flannel

Jesus Christ, the King of Jews
My Savior, guiding light and muse
Despite the fact He’d turn the hockey channel

A warrior is borderless
They know it just lead to distress
Division and great animosity

To tear down borders opens minds
Removes the earplugs and the blinds
And shows just how connected we could be